10 Hepatitis B Prevention

By | July 16, 2020
Hepatitis B Prevention

Hepatitis B Prevention – Hepatitis B is a disease that should not be considered trivial. These health disorders attack the liver organs and can be very easily contagious. Knowing the causes and symptoms of hepatitis B disease is important, so it can be prevented. Although the transmission is very fast, it does not mean the spread of the disease is not preventable.

There are several ways that can prevent the spread of hepatitis B from giving vaccines, applying healthy lifestyles, maintaining self-hygiene, and avoiding unhealthy s**ex behaviors.

Hepatitis B Prevention

For more clarity, check out the tips and how you can do to prevent the contagion of hepatitis B in this article.

Make sure that you do not experience hepatitis B

Since the majority of hepatitis B does not show symptoms, many people are sick of hepatitis B but do not realize it hurts. Therefore, it is important to perform a blood test to ensure that the hepatitis B virus is present in your body.

Generally, there are three basic examinations required. HBsAg and AntiHBc tests to see the presence of the hepatitis B virus component in the body. Last is AntiHBs examination to see the presence of enough antibodies to fight the hepatitis B virus.


The next way for hepatitis B prevention is by vaccination.

Hepatitis B vaccine (Recombivax HB, Comvax, and Engerix-B), which is a vaccine made from viruses that are inactive and can be administered 3 or 4 times within 6 months.

Maintain Personal Hygiene

Keep self-hygiene into sentences that are always instilled since childhood. But keeping the cleanliness of yourselves is often forgotten. Such small things can protect you from various diseases of Hepatitis.

Self-hygiene is not limited to washing your hands, brushing your teeth, bathing and washing your hair. But environmental factors also need to be considered as often washing clothes and sheets. Using clothes that are dirty or repeatedly makes germs stick to the body and can be a disease.

Hand washing

Wash your hands before and after eating, after defecating, touching waste and washing ready-to-eat food, like fruits.

Avoid food that is not kept clean

Food and beverages are not separated from us. The food and drinks that lined the roadside were very tempting. However, tantalizing food is not necessarily maintained.

Did you know that the content contained in these snacks can contain harmful ingredients such as preservatives, dyes and artificial sweeteners that can eventually trigger the typhus, diarrhea, diabetes and hepatitis are the disease that may arise. Choose a quality snack from ingredient selection to processing.

Be careful with needles

Hepatitis B Prevention - Becaful with neddles

The use of needle-like needles used to make tattoos or needles used alternately when using illegal drugs, it can be the most likely means and often cause the occurrence of hepatitis.

Having se**xual inter**course safely

The transmission is caused by se**xual inter**course. If a spouse or family of a couple has a history of hepatitis, you should have se**xual inter**course using a con**dom.

Avoid exchanges razors or other sharp objects

Because the hepatitis B virus is transmitted through body fluids, especially blood, it is recommended that you and your spouse use a different razor or tools that can cause bloody wounds (e.g. Toothbrushes, nail clippers, or pedicure sets).

If you’re pregnant, make sure you do regular check ups.

In addition to the syringe, pregnant women (especially those infected with Hepatitis B) can transmit Hepatitis B to a child who is still in the womb when she gives birth later.

If you have contracted Hepatitis B, explain your condition to the surrounding people who have a risk of contracting.

Your spouse needs to know about your health condition. If you make others at risk of contracting, then they should be able to make appropriate adaptations and anticipation so as not to get infected and stay healthy. Also make sure they are vaccinated.

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