How Long Can HIV Live Outside The Body? 1 Minute or 16 Days?

By | October 5, 2019
How Long Can HIV Live Outside The Body?

HIV cannot live outside the human body, but there are no definite data on How Long Can HIV Live Outside The Body, there are some studies that say can live only about a few minutes and then will be weak and dead, so If the length is outside the body is likely to cause the transmission will be smaller. Therefore, HIV cannot be transmitted through media such as swimming pool, towel, waste disposal, etc.

Outside the body, they will die (inactivated) due to the breakdown of its genetic material, Here is some information about HIV

  • The HIV Virus will die if it is exposed to high temperatures (above 60 ° C) but they can survive at extreme cold temperatures, a study shows that blood contains HIV stored at a temperature of-70 ° C does not suffer any decrease in viral activity, The value of the (concentration) of HIV will remain stable and can last for at least a week in dry blood at 4 ° C.
  • A study using samples of more than 800 syringes containing HIV-infected blood, shows the results that HIV can be isolated from 10% syringe after 11 days stored at a temperature of less than 4 ° C, when stored at ambient temperature/room temperature (27-37 ° C) HIV will die after seven days.
  • HIV is very sensitive to the environment that has a pH below 7 and above 8. This is what causes HIV can be transmitted through injectable drugs, because the human blood has a pH of 7.4.
  • On the corpses of AIDS sufferers stored at a temperature of 2 ° C, still found HIV active after 11-16 days post-death, HIV is not detected in significant amounts after more than 16 days. In line with this, HIV can still be found in AIDS sufferers stored at a temperature of 20 °c for 14 days after death. 

There have not been any studies explaining how long HIV can survive on corpses that has a normal decomposition process, but when the corpses are stored at a temperature of 2 ° C only, HIV is not detected after more than 16 days, it seems that they will not last longer if it is buried in the ground. 

So, How Long Can HIV Live Outside The Body?

How Long Can HIV Live Outside The Body of Human?

HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is a virus that attacks white blood cells in the body so people will easily get other diseases. This HIV virus must be in the pH or state in accordance with the condition of the virus in order to survive as in the blood.

Therefore an HIV virus cannot survive or live outside the body as it is in the sweat or blood that has come out in the body. According to research that there is an HIV virus that is in the blood that has come out in the body and mixed with other conditions is very rare even almost nothing to be able to transmit the virus to the people around.


This Virus does not live in an environment outside the human body. There are many factors that determine How Long Can HIV Live Outside The Body. This depends on the environmental conditions in which the virus resides. Because environmental conditions can change, allowing the virus to survive longer. That is why there is not one provision of the same time in terms of HIV survival outside the body.

But in general the virus can only live for a few minutes outside the body. One of the environmental factors that determines the length of the virus survival is the moisture around the virus. The Virus cannot live in a dry environment. So if the virus is in bodily fluids such as blood or genital fluid that dries, the virus will die.

However, even in wet environments (such as swimming pools, waste disposal, etc.), the virus is still unable to survive.

So a dry environment is only one of the environmental conditions where the virus is not able to live. In wet environments, if the environment differs from that of the human body, it will not be able to survive.

Remember, the virus can only live in certain areas of the human body. That is why HIV can not live in swimming pool or disposal of waste. Outside the body, the virus is rapidly becoming weak and dead.

The longer it is outside the body, the less likely the transmission will occur. Usually, the virus will die in a few minutes after being outside the body.

In conclusion, the virus can only survive in certain environmental conditions that exist in the human body. If the virus is outside the body, the virus cannot survive.

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