How to avoid injury while exercising

By | March 30, 2018
How to avoid injury while exercising

Whatever exercises you do, the danger of injury will always be there. In order for these risks are not to dampen your spirits for exercise, here are ways you can practice in order to exercise sessions always go smoothly, How to avoid injury while exercising.

How to avoid injury while exercising

  • Warm up and cool down

At least five minutes before exercising, warm up to Flex muscles so that Your exercise activity can be maximized. Not only that, the stretching also proved to be able to minimize the risks of injury like a sprain or dislocate.

  • Customize the type of exercises with gender.
How to avoid injury while exercising

How to avoid injury while exercising

The case of the injury when doing an exercise activity turned out to be not only can be caused due to a lack of preparation or vigilance. Some specific types of exercises turned out to be more suitable to be done by men. Meanwhile, some other type of exercises that are relatively more appropriate for women. For example, women are more vulnerable to ligament injury which affected associated with networks on the knee. By no means is prohibited, but women actually have to be extra careful while playing basketball, skiing, or competition uses the racket. For the record, women are actually more advisable to do exercises like Pilates, yoga, or cycling.

  • Note the menstrual period.

Hormonal changes that occur when you’re menstruating in fact also potentially lead to weakness in the joints so that someone who is menstruating even more at risk to be exposed to injury.

  • Consider training with personal trainers.

The role of a professional coach in the fitness field could not only make the exercise session more effective, but at the same time also prevent the possibility of injury because he will definitely help the clients to determine the appropriate exercise load according to age and the target respectively.

  • Conformed to the limit of your ability.

Everything exaggerated it in fact less well, including in terms of exercise. Preferably, increase the intensity and frequency of exercise slowly and break up with a short break when your muscles begin to feel sore and painful.

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