How to avoid weight gain on vacation

By | December 24, 2017
How to avoid weight gain on vacation

Regardless of the agenda of your holiday spent with family or close friends in exotic locations, holidays always makes the mind more free, happy, and relaxed. The holidays are filled with joyful activity also prone to making your body into fat. Here’s How to avoid weight gain on vacation.

How to avoid weight gain on vacation

  • Eat a small portion before going out partying

The causes behind the rise in weight after the holidays is that we usually eat with a large portion of even before the party begins. To avoid this, eat a bowl of oatmeal before going out to a party. Porridge of wheat is one of the food long enough to digest the food so that the body will immediately slash appetite while partying.

  • Plan meals and estimate the calories.
How to avoid weight gain on vacation

How to avoid weight gain on vacation

We do not recommend you to stop a delicious experience while on vacation, by planning a menu packed i.e. eat food which is very light and low in calories at breakfast and lunch, so it will be compensated during the party in the evening.

  • Don’t miss a meal.

Skip meal time thus making your weight is getting up because the body will change to ‘ starve ‘ mode when skipping meals so that when eating at the next time you feel very hungry.

  • Expand socialization

People typically overeat when partying if they don’t socialize with other guests. People tend to overeat to soothe the heart when it has no other activities.

  • Do not drink sweet beverages.

Avoid from table with fizzy drinks, sugary drinks, and alco**hol, then you will be spared from the curse of excess body weight after the holidays. For example, alco**holic beverages precisely slowing metabolic processes, whereas fizzy drinks and juice packaging will make your body weight rise more.

  • Drink a glass of water before eating.

The belly has a limited capacity so as to take advantage of these benefits by drinking water before a meal. This will reduce appetite and prevent you from overeating.

  • Preferred values on food, not your wallet.

Most restaurants have special buffets during the holiday season and most people tend to overeat to take advantage of the occasion. Don’t do it because it will harm you more because of the harm your health.

  • Eat more protein, fruits and vegetables.

Stay away from unhealthy foods such as junk food, cheese and creamy foods. Instead, eat foods with healthier options i.e. salads and fruits.

  • Eat with small portions.

Face that no one would want to limit what is eaten when the holidays. So, eat all you want to eat, but with a little portion.

  • Health conscious.

If you want to eat with a large portion of the time of the main menu, then order a dessert with a bowl of yogurt instead of a chocolate cake.

  • Know your body
How to avoid weight gain on vacation - Know your body

How to avoid weight gain on vacation – Know your body

Our bodies always give a signal when feeling full for example, sigh a long meal, put a spoon, change the sitting position, or leaned back in the chair.

  • Walking after a great meal.

Most people feel sleepy when satiety and if that is done, it increases the possibility of weight gain. For that, take a walk to help the digestive process.

  • Enough sleep.

Party night once a year can be. But, if you do it all throughout the holiday, then that is bad news. You will end up with excess weight rises.

  • Breakfast with protein-rich menu.

It can be a plate with scrambled eggs, pork, and tofu salad or toast that fills your stomach and prevents you from overeating.

  • Increase the sports activities.

Most people planning a vacation with activity just lean on the sofa of the living room or watch TV all the time. If you don’t want your weight goes up, then increase sports activities with the dearest family or closest friends.

Thank you very much for reading How to avoid weight gain on vacation, hopefully useful.