9 Ways – How To Cure Binge Eating Disorder

By | July 29, 2020
How To Cure Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating disorder (BED) is an eating behavior deviance syndrome. When people experience binge eating disorder, he will eat in large portions and cannot control when to stop. If allowed, people who have a habit binge eating will experience serious health problems.

However, these eating irregularities can be solved. There are some care and maintenance that can be done to cope with binge eating.

How To Cure Binge Eating Disorder

Treatment options to cope with binge eating disorder.

Treatment  to cope with binge eating disorder depends on the cause and degree of severity. There are many treatment options to be done. Some people may only need to do one treatment, while others should try a different combination of therapies until they feel appropriate.

A therapist or a medical professional will advise you on the treatment or therapy that suits you best.

Here are some therapeutic options to cope with binge eating disorder.

Don’t skip the meal time

Maybe, you try to refrain from breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Essentially, skipping a meal time you think can stop binge eating.

In fact, the way is just wrong. You are instead of restraint, but instead of hunger, eventually you can be very hungry and eat with a portion of many times over.

Well, the easiest way how to cope with binge eating is to make a regular meal schedule. Here, your body will also adapt and remember the schedule, making it easier for you to resist hunger if you’ve been used to it.

It is best eaten with small portions, but routine in a day. For example, you can create a meal schedule with 3 main meals, and 2 meals for a snack. Don’t get scared of eating a lot, you just Eat 1 big portion in a day.

Reported in a study in the journal Metabolism, eating once a day with a large portion precisely makes blood sugar and ghrelin hormones easy to rise. Ghrelin hormone itself is a hormone that serves to stimulate hunger. So, if the amount of this hormone increases, you’ll immediately feel hungry.

Well, still from the same research, it is known that eating several times a day with smaller portions is still better. Thus, blood sugar levels will be controlled and ghrelin hormones will not suddenly surge.

So, don’t forget to make a regular meal schedule and remember, it must be disciplined with yourself, if you want to stop binge eating.

Go for a walk.

The next way How To Cure Binge Eating Disorder is go for a walk.

One of the immediate actions that you can do to cope with binge eating after you realize you’ve done it is changing your environment. This action will keep you out of the physical room where binge eating is done. Go out walking alone or with a friend.

Contact a friend or family you trust.

Talking to someone will help you stay away from binge eating and give you a chance to talk about it. A trusted friend or family member who knows your binge eating history can help you through this tough time.

Try to relax yourself by breathing in.

The next way How To Cure Binge Eating Disorder is try to relax yourself by breathing in.

Sit on a comfortable chair with both feet on the floor. Close both your eyes. Start to draw a long and deep breath, inhale in 3 counts and exhale in 3 counts.

Taking medicines from your doctor

There are several types of medications that doctors can give to overcome binge eating. Ranging from stimulant drugs, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants.

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment through therapy

Because the binge eating disorder includes psychological disorders, the effective treatment step to treat this condition is to undergo psychotherapy. BED sufferer is recommended to discuss this eating disorder with a psychiatrist that can help determine which type of therapy is right for him.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This cognitive behavioral therapy aims to address the issues that are causing the experienced binge eating, as well as help the people to have back control over him by regularly eating.

Basically, this therapy is done to analyze whether there are negative thoughts, feelings or behaviors that have a feeling about food, weight and body shape. Once the causes of negative emotions and behaviors have been known, then the strategy to overcome them can be determined.

These strategies include setting goals, self-monitoring, achieving regular diet, changing thoughts about self and weight, and encouraging healthy weight control habits.

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Interpersonal Psychotherapy

The next way How To Cure Binge Eating Disorder is by interpersonal therapy.

When it comes to cognitive behavioral therapy, treatment aims to address the negative thoughts that have been possessed, interpersonal psychotherapy focuses more on the relationship with people around him.

This therapy is based on the understanding that binge eating disorder experienced by the person is due to unresolved personal problems. Such as, for example, poor relations with others, sadness, significant life changes, or social problems.

Interpersonal psychotherapy can be done in a group of several people or alone with a therapist. This therapy can also sometimes be combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, according to the needs of the sufferer.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectic Behavior Therapy aims to allow people to manage stress and adjust emotions to no longer experience episodes of binge eating. However, it still takes more research to find out if this therapy can be applied to all BED.

Weight Loss Therapy

The next way How To Cure Binge Eating Disorder is by weight loss therapy.

Most people with binge eating will be obese because they cannot stop eating in a lot of portions. Therefore, the BED needs to undergo weight loss therapy. However, the BED is recommended not to focus on how much weight they have managed to reduce, but for the purpose of the therapy is done. The goal, so that people can control the appetite for healthy.

Weight loss therapy is actually proven not as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy. Nevertheless, this therapy is still good to do so that BED who are obese can restore weight to be ideal. In addition, avoid other health disorders.

Thank you very much for reading How To Cure Binge Eating Disorder, hopefully useful.

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