2 Tips: How to cure cancer with garlic

By | June 16, 2020
How to cure cancer with garlic

How to cure cancer with garlic – For centuries, garlic has been known as one of the foods that has many treatment effects. In garlic contains many nutrients and substances that can cure various diseases ranging from fever to lowering blood pressure.

The exact cause of cancer today is unknown. However, research continues to proceed and get the results, there are specific foods that can fight cancer. One of them is garlic. How to cure cancer with garlic?

In modern society, garlic (Allium sativum) is believed to prevent heart attacks, blood clotting, lowering cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, relieves peptic ulcers, the antidote to the poison, the killer bacteria /fungus/parasite, Binder free radicals, and many more others. Is it true that this seasoning can also cure cancer?

Not only make the cuisine so richer flavor, garlic can also improve your health. In a study of more than 400 thousand women, researchers found those who ate the most garlic had a 50 percent lower risk of colon cancer than those who ate the least.

Scientists believe this is due to the antioxidants in garlic, allicin, which can fight infections and bacteria. The study is also not the only one that summed up with the same results.

Additional research shows garlic lovers who eat more than six cloves of garlic in a week, have the number of colorectal cancer 30 percent lower, and 50 percent lower for stomach cancer.

Garlic benefits cannot stop until there. Other research concludes, the garlic can help cope with the pain in the winter. In a British study of 146 persons, the researchers gave participants placebo or garlic extract for three months. At the end of the test, after 12 weeks, they found the participants who consumed garlic more resistant to flu. 

The study published in the online journal Cancer Prevention Research suggests something interesting about garlic.

The study mentioned that since 2000 BCE China has used garlic as a medicine.

Research shows that garlic can prevent cancer and reduce the risk of cancer up to 44%.

This happens because in garlic found the release of sulfur organ compounds when the bulbs of garlic is chewed so gently.

When digested, this compound is excreted through the lungs in the form of a breath generated after consuming garlic.

But it is precisely this phenomenon that scientists believe provides protection from cancer.

Although the results can be different from when the garlic is used in cooking, scientists are still unsure of their findings, it’s worth considering to maintain good health.

How to cure cancer with garlic

Stir, baked, or fried

To maximize the benefits of garlic, try this simple trick: chop, cut, mashed garlic. Afterwards, keep away from heat for 10 minutes. Researchers say, it helps hold the health benefits of allicin in garlic. Garlic afterwards can be stirred, baked, or fried as usual.

Eaten raw

Garlic should be consumed raw to get maximum benefit from it. Although the garlic is also delicious after cooking, but the process will destroy the enzyme that is in the garlic. Whereas the enzyme that works prevents the growth of cancer cells.

Of the 4,500 healthy people and 1,424 lung cancer patients, researchers found, those who ate raw garlic at least twice a week had a lower chance of getting lung cancer.

How much should we consume?

Regarding how much consumption this type of garlic is most potent to prevent cancer is not clearly defined. But it is best to consume 1 to 2 fresh garlic cloves every day.

Or if you want to choose another form of processed, then you can choose between 0.4 to 1.2 grams of dried garlic powder, 2 to 5 milligrams in the form of garlic oil, or 300 milligrams to 1,000 milligrams of this garlic extract every day.

It is also recommended to make garlic as part of the daily food menu. Do not forget to include vegetable and other cancer-preventing fruits. This is judged to be more effective in preventing cancer than the garlic only.

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