How To Keep Your Cat Happy And Healthy in 8 Ways

By | March 20, 2020
keeping your cat happy and healthy

If you have a little lion at home, you definitely want to make it as happy as possible. Providing care for a pet that has its own personality and charm is the most satisfying part of the relationship between you and your pet. You can learn How To Keep Your Cat Happy And Healthy throughout its life.

How To Keep Your Cat Happy And Healthy

Feed your cat well.

The right food Menu is essential for cat health. Obesity is the leading cause of health problems for pets. Find quality cat food at your nearest pet shop and make sure you buy your cat’s age-matched food.

Healthy Snacks

Be careful with snacks. Cats are always looking forward to good food and will beg to be given its favorite fish. You may only provide occasional snacks to avoid obesity.

Keep Cat’s health.

Cats can be infected with various kinds of diseases, both inside and outside the house. It is important to bring a cat to the vet at least twice a year for a general examination. 

Watch the weight of cats

For the quantity, please follow the instructions listed on the food packaging. However, the instruction is only a guide. Often, cat food manufacturers estimate the quantity too high, so the instruction on the packaging should be understood and matched with the cat’s condition, whether the cat weight will be reduced or increased if given that much food.

Cat Toys

How To Keep Your Cat Happy And Healthy

Cats are essentially natural predators. Thus, they had sharp visions, even in the darkness. So noisy objects often attract their attention. Try to make cat toys to be happy. For example, some objects below that can be transformed to make cat happy.

  • Use a roll of toilet paper tied to a rope. Then tie the toy to a certain place, the cat will be happy to play it.
  • In addition to toilet paper rolls, you can also do the same with an empty plastic bottle filled with bells or lights so that the cat is more excited to play it.
  • Prepare used cardboard and ping pong balls for the cat. In an instant, they will be busy with its new toy.
  • Lastly, you can hang the ping pong ball tied to the rope so that the cat tries to reach and play it.

Give room

Important for cats have their own room or place, they will feel comfortable having a room or a place that they can feel that it is theirs. Make sure the room or place is free from the atmosphere and we even give us the opportunity to just peek at it.

Give a private room or place to the cat, make them feel safe and comfortable and make them more independent.

If there is no room, it can also be a place that is not too complicated that can be accessible, that is to make a place located at the top of a room, where they can rest and observe the surrounding atmosphere with freely.

Often Swept

The next way How To Keep Your Cat Happy and healthy is often pet it when playing. Usually we always wipe the cat in the lower neck until the stomach. It is to show the magnitude of our attention to it.

Under certain conditions don’t leave the cat unattended

Do not leave meat and fish unattended. Remember that cats can jump high and don’t like to follow the rules. If you are in another room, a delicious sausage on the table can end up in the stomach of the cat.

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That’s all tips from us, How To Keep Your Cat Happy And Healthy, hopefully can be an enlightenment for every cat lover. Don’t let your cat get bored inside the house and don’t let it not be cared for. 

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