10 Tips How to pick a sweet watermelon

By | March 25, 2020
How to pick a sweet watermelon

How to pick a sweet watermelon – Watermelon is one fruit that is rich in benefits, especially for pregnant women. This fruit contains mostly water, very fresh to be consumed during the day.

Thirst will quickly disappear, as well as hold your hunger. But quite difficult to choose this watermelon fruit, especially if you want to pick a sweet watermelon.

The watermelon rind is hard to make us not easy to choose which the best watermelon is. But these five easy ways you can apply, when buying and choosing a sweet watermelon.

How to pick a sweet watermelon?

Here are the tips How to pick a sweet watermelon:

Check the condition

When selecting a watermelon, notice how it looks. Choose symmetrical watermelons that are not cracked, dented or peeling skin because it can affect the contents. Even if there is little damage on the outside, do not buy it because certainly it will be damaged.

Lift up

Ripe watermelon consists of 92 percent water and 6 percent sugar, which means that the watermelon should float on the surface of the water when soaked. But it is difficult to do it on the market, the best way to compare the weight of two watermelons of the same size. Choose one that is heavier, it was that much sweeter.

Check the yellow area on the watermelon rind.

Yellow areas on the rind show where watermelon enlarged on the ground. If the yellow color is darker, it means that they already very ripe watermelon. If pale, watermelons were harvested too fast and young.


Perfectly ripe watermelon will tend to be dark green, and it will be sweeter than the green light.

In addition to seeing whether the skin of the watermelon has yellow spots, you should also look at the color of the lines on the watermelon. The characteristics of mature watermelon can be seen from the color of the line in the skin of the watermelon. The darker the color of the line, the more the watermelon has a sweet flavor.

Avoid watermelon with white spots

If the yellow patches on the skin of the watermelon are a sign that the watermelon has sweetness and good maturity, then watermelon with white spots is a sign that the fruit does not acquire enough sunlight when planted.

If the watermelon does not get enough sunlight, it is most likely that the watermelon is not fully ripe and the rush is lifted. Watermelon that has not been fully cooked will not give a perfect sweetness even though the water content in it is quite high.

Spider Nest

A brownish texture resembling a spider’s nest on a watermelon surface signifies that the bee touches the pollination of the flower many times. The more spider’s nests on the watermelon, the sweeter the fruit is.

Male and female watermelon

Many people know that farmers are distinguishing watermelon. For example, a male watermelon is larger and lengthened with a more watery flavor. The female watermelon is more rounded and has a very sweet flavor.

Note the watermelon size

It is better not to choose the most large-sized or smaller-sized watermelon. Choose a medium-sized watermelon. To be aware, watermelon, large and small, should feel heavy according to their size.

Check the stem

A dried watermelon stalk indicates that the ripe watermelon is in front of you. However, if the stem is green, the watermelon is plucked too quickly and not yet ripe.

If possible, you can assess the watermelon maturity by revoking the stem. If the watermelon stalk can be pulled out easily, it means that the watermelon is ripe. If the watermelon is difficult to revoke, the watermelon is immature and not sweet if immediately consumed.


Lastly, you can use the method of ‘tapping’ to check if the watermelon is ripe or not. But you have to focus and proficient enough to hear the sound produced. Raw watermelon will pitch more than once.

You’ve read How to pick a sweet watermelon, I hope that’ll be useful.

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