How To Prevent COPD

By | May 23, 2017
How To Prevent COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a term often applied to a group of lung diseases that last long and in the mark by an increased resistance to the flow of air as the main pathophysiological picture. These three diseases are forming a single entity known CPOD is asthma, bronchitis and chronic bronchial emphysema lung. The disease is often called with chronic Air flow Limitation (CAL) and chronic obstructive Lung Disease.

How To Prevent COPD

To prevent the onset of COPD can be done in several ways, such as:

Change of life: Prevent air pollution.

How To Prevent COPD

How To Prevent COPD

Prevention Of COPD At An Advanced Age.
The aging process is inevitable in a person. Changes in the structure of both the natural physiological anatomy also cannot be avoided. Prevention of the onset of COPD in the elderly is done in principle, of increasing endurance by improving the state of nutrition, eliminating things that can lower the immune system.

Prevention of the emergence of several kinds of diseases done in the usual way, including:

a) The prevention of pulmonary infection/respiratory infection

b) The attempt to prevent it is done by inhibiting, reducing or eliminating the factors that affect the onset of infection. Positive things that can be done for example by vaccinating with pneumococcal vaccine to avoid the onset of pneumonia, but unfortunately in old age vaccination are less effective.

c) Prevention of COPD or lung carcinoma

From a young age, for people at high risk of pulmonary disease (CPOD and lung carcinoma), it is necessary to monitor periodically.

Reduce exposure to fungal pathogens and bacteria.
A pathogen is a microorganism cause disease of bacterial species that exist on certain fungi can cause pneumonia.

  • In order to prevent fungi growing in your home, always check the air humidity levels of about 30-60%.
  • If there are fungi in the House, clean the surfaces covered with fungi with laundry detergent then pat dry.
  • Avoid wet carpets because it can make it damp.
  • Check the wall at your residence, repaint if there is a wall that is always wet.

Reduce exposure to the virus.
Influenza causes pneumonia, which is an infection and inflammation of the lungs.

  • Avoid contact with sufferers of influenza or pneumonia.
  • If forced to relate to the sufferer, use a mask, gloves, or protective clothing.

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