How To Prevent Dog Shedding

By | June 21, 2017
How To Prevent Dog Shedding

Fur in dogs is one of the attractions that exist in the dog’s body, when our dog has fur that is thick and well maintained is a satisfaction for the owners.

Your dog fur requires extra care, in order to prevent dog shedding. Did you find fur loss all over the corner of the house? You are definitely overwhelmed house cleaning. Especially if there are guests who are allergic to dog fur, this situation became is getting worse.

How To Prevent Dog Shedding

How To Prevent Dog Shedding

Dog hair is sometimes shedding, of course, it’s not nice to the dog itself as well as for our families. Dog shedding can accidentally inhale either by the dog itself or other family members, this will certainly cause the problems. Dog hair can spread the germs that come with the fur, can also occur breathing disorder or allergies in our family members. Our favorite dog’s appearance will be reduced because a lot of the fur loss. To that end, we must minimize so that dog shedding is not easy.

There is a period naturally experienced by dogs, where the dog will be eroded their fur, it is also known by the term “shedding”. Shedding nearly experienced by all dogs. During the shedding, dog will reduce their activities. The dog will be eroded fur winters and replaced it with a fur spring is more thin. The puppy will be eroded their fur and replacing them at the time of their age four (4) up to 6 (six) months, it depends on the type of dog itself.

How To Prevent Dog Shedding

The following are the steps in treating dog hair to prevent dog shedding:

Comb regularly: to reduce your dog shedding, combs its fur each day. Use a comb to your dog’s fur. Brushing your dog regularly makes fur is stronger.

Quality Grooming. Do grooming regularly and correctly, then the shedding will be reduced. Bathe the dog once a week or more by using a special dog shampoo, it is to keep their fur clean and healthy, free of lice, and also cut their nails so that the dirt didn’t live there, use a special comb to remove for who die due to shedding.

Use anti-static spray: when the weather is hot, comb any fur that stand up. Spray anti static spray-on comb before brushing its fur to avoid the fur stand back.

Remove: when brushing your dog’s fur, use your fingers to pull out the damaged hair follicle. This can prevent the dog shedding and also reduce fur spread throughout the House.

Use rubber gloves: you can unplug the unwanted dog fur quickly using rubber gloves.

Use a moisturizing dog shampoo: Shampoos that moisturize the skin and fur can maintain the health of your dog’s fur.

The Nutritious Food. One of preventive medicine in dog shedding is the food eaten by the dog. Sometimes when we go shopping for the dog food, we chose a slightly cheaper price with quality are reduced so that sometimes lead to our dog fur loss. More recommended if you like dog fur is not shedding by eating quality food, as long as it does not result in our dog shedding.

Try these tips how to prevent dog shedding. Do you have other tips to prevent dog shedding?