How To Prevent Fleas On Dogs

By | September 7, 2017
How To Prevent Fleas On Dogs

Although dogs have been treated well by the owner, does not cover the possibility of the fleas keep attacking. This is usually experienced by pets are left out of the House. However, fleas can also get carried away when the dogs are trained, contest, take a walk, or brought to the vet.

Smooth and warm dog’s fur is a comfortable environment for fleas. These insects live by sucking the blood of dogs and can cause health problems, ranging from allergies to serious problems, such as infections of tapeworms. These insects usually appear in warm weather.

How To Prevent Fleas On Dogs

How To Prevent Fleas On Dogs

The flea is a parasite that is disturbing and dangerous. Fleas are small or very small, and including the arthropods, which have a kinship with the spiders. Fleas can transmit various diseases and stood serious on a number of animals, including your dog.

The flea can survive for several months without food, if the environment meets the needs of its life. Fleas suck the blood of its host, and is commonly found in places that are damp and warm, like animal cages, chairs, bed and carpet. Fleas moving quickly, so it is difficult to see, but we can see their eggs, which usually stick in the dog fur/hair, especially at the neck, stomach, and near the animal’s hip.

How To Prevent Fleas On Dogs

To prevent fleas attack, make sure your dog is always in excellent health conditions. The fleas will choose for resting on the dog’s immune system is low. So, always check the condition of your dog’s health periodically. In addition, give salmon oil and probiotics in order to increase body immunity.

Keep your home pest free.
How to prevent fleas the first is make your yard is not friendly for fleas. Cut the grass regularly, flatten the underbrush, raking leaves, and keep the trash away. Inside the House is often vacuum the carpets with the revolving brush or beater bar. Mop the wood floor with detergent every week and wash all the bed linen as often as possible.

Maintain the cleanliness of the home and furnishings.
Maintain the cleanliness of the home and furnishings in it is prevention that can be done in addition to bathe the dog on a regular basis. Usually, dogs exposed to fleas while outdoors.

Dog bed.
Dog beds should also be washed once a week

Collar (anti flea collars).
Collar (anti flea collars) used for prevention in order to avoid the dog fleas.

Anti flea shampoo.
Anti flea shampoo is suitable to use on dogs. Besides being able to eradicate fleas, anti flea shampoo also makes the dog cleaner. For the purpose of prevention, giving shampoo can be done 1 month.

Anti-flea powder.
Should be used before bedtime. If there is residual powder sticking or falling in the area of its bed, left alone, as well as preventative measures to prevent fleas lodged in the animal’s bed. Repeat for several days continuously. Next, repeat every once a week, or it could be two weeks.

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