How To Prevent Gastritis

By | May 14, 2017
How To Prevent Gastritis

Prevention Gastritis is needed so that we avoid gastritis disease.  The easiest precaution is to get used to eating right on time. Gastritis due to disease often arises when we used to have a meal, because gastritis often arises when we are used to late eating.

Gastritis is an inflammatory process in the mucous layer and submucosal gastric. Histologically provable by inflammation of cells in the area based on clinical manifestations can be divided into acute and chronic.

How To Prevent Gastritis

How To Prevent Gastritis (Illustration/By Nephron (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons)

Gastritis is a disorder that often occurs with the characteristic presence of anorexia, bad taste in the epigastrium, nausea, and vomiting. Gastritis is inflammation of the gastric mucosa, exploration, or sometimes bacterial inflammation.

How To Prevent Gastritis

So that we avoid from gastritis disease, you should do the prevention of gastritis below:

  • A regular Meal.

Many people do not set the time and their eating patterns and ultimately suffer from some gastric disorders such as gastritis. Eating regularly will not actually adds weight and thus will make the weight becomes more stable. Eat regularly, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner must be arranged with certain hours and portion that best suits the needs of your calories.

  • Eat in small portions and often.

If you feel scared will have the excess weight due to regular eating patterns, then try to take control of portions of food. You can try to bring food in smaller portions and consume it in a more often. In this way, then your stomach will become more comfortable and doesn’t feel too hungry or too full.

  • Limit Spicy and Frying Food

The dangers of spicy foods and the dangers of consuming fried foods are not good for the body, should be consumed in limited quantities. The consumption of different types of these foods will make you feel uncomfortable because of the stomach normally produces acid in higher amounts. Fatty acids that are too high will make a serious stomach disorder.

  • Avoid stress.

The pressure of the mind (stress) because activities, life issues as well as various work pressures often becomes the main trigger for gastritis. To avoid it so let your body and mind work well without feeling depressed. You can use the time for vacationing in order not to feel too depressed. You can also try some of the exercises that can help your body regulate the pressure such as yoga and meditation for health.

  • Keep the environment, food, and beverages clean.

Gastritis-causing bacteria that is pylori bacteria is very easy to spread.. The spread can occur from the environment or food and beverages that are not clean. To prevent this, you must keep the environment clean, wash your hands before and after eating, frequent hand washing and only consume food or drink that is healthy and clean.

  • Limit beverages that contain caffeine.

Caffeine, like coffee and tea is a very common drink and more preferred. But too often consume drinks containing caffeine could also trigger the gastritis. You should limit the drinks with caffeine is between 1 to 2 glasses only per day. The dangers of caffeine can increase the production of stomach acid and has a glut of effects, but can make the bowels become more painful and uncomfortable.

  • Adjust the nutrients of food.

The various types of certain foods to control stomach acid in the body and prevent gastritis. Some types of food are highly recommended is such a source of whole grains, foods rich in fiber, vegetable and food that does not contain high fat and nonfat or low-fat milk. Bread that is processed from wheat is highly recommended than other processed flour bread.

  • Consumption of Yogurt on a regular basis.

Consume yogurt containing probiotics are excellent for maintaining healthy intestines and stomach. Probiotics also control the production of the good bacteria in the digestive tract that can fight the growth of bad bacteria including Proteobacteria pylori causes gastritis. Consumption of yogurt every day it is advisable to address the problem of gastritis. Even this step can be done by people who have been exposed to gastritis.

  • Consuming coconut water.

Coconut water not only fresh and has a good taste sensation but can also be consumed as a way of preventing gastritis. Coconut water is also excellent to prevent free radicals that often disrupt the digestive system and stomach. You can consume the coconut water every day because it also could help resolve the dehydration and make energy for the body.

Thank you very much for reading How To Prevent Gastritis, hopefully useful.