How to prevent hair loss?

By | June 26, 2019
How to prevent hair loss?

How to prevent hair loss? Hair is a crown that must be kept in health. The reason is, soft, beautiful, and lush hair is the dream of everyone. But a healthy crown is not obtained in an instant way. Therefore everyone should know how to take care of hair.

Hair loss is a scourge for women, and there are many causes of hair loss, including the wrong diet, and don’t care for dry hair. However, there are other causes of hair loss reason and that is because the use of a helmet.

How to prevent hair loss?

If you love natural ways how to prevent hair loss, you can try the following easy ways.

Warm oil treatment.

You can use any natural oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, or canola oil. Heat the oil until it is warm. Slowly massage into the scalp. Wear a shower cap and let stand 1 hour, then do shampooing.

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Natural juice.

Rub the scalp with garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice. Leave it overnight and wash the next day. You can keep doing this as long as seven to eight days and you can see considerable improvement in Your hair loss decreased.

Head Massage.

Massaging the scalp a few minutes per day, every day helps stimulate circulation. A good circulation in the scalp to keep the hair follicles remain active. Circulation can be increased through massage using a few drops of lavender essential oil.

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Green Tea.

Apply a warm green tea (from 2 tea bags in 1 cup water) on the scalp and leave this mixture 1 hour, then rinse. Green tea contains antioxidants that help prevent hair loss and improve growth.


The cause of hair loss is often due to stress and tension. Meditation can help reduce both of them, and restore hormonal balance.

Use A Hair Vitamin.

How to prevent hair loss

The advantages of the Vitamins are not just limited to your body as a whole. The vitamin is also very good for your hair. Vitamin E is needed to improve blood circulation in the scalp. Vitamin B is good for maintaining natural hair color and Vitamin A promotes sebum production in your scalp.

Use a mild and gentle shampoo for your hair.

When washing the hair is important to do this regularly, you can do the washing of the hair with a mild shampoo, use a shampoo that is suitable for your hair, in order to prevent dandruff and other infections that cause hair loss.

Do not use a hair dryer.

Try to let your hair dry naturally when possible.

Do not Comb Hair when it is still wet.

Try to avoid the brushing of the hair while still wet circumstances, because this can cause hair loss, when you have to comb because it needs urgent then use a comb that has teeth with a large distance, comb the hair while still wet only occasionally, not frequency.

Don’t tie your hair too tight

The ponytail is the simplest style, especially if the weather is hot. But should not tie it too tightly and too long if you do not want your hair to fall out. Just like you, hair also needs breathing.

When you tie your hair too tightly, the attraction will pluck out the hair out of the scalp as well as damage the follicles. Consequently, hair so easy to fall out. Damaged hair follicles can cause new hair to fail to grow back resulting in baldness in some parts of the head.

Use conditioner.

Sometimes ads can make you believe that using conditioner on your hair is just optional because shampoo alone is not enough. You may notice that every time you use a conditioner, your hair becomes softer and smoother. Usually easier to handle. Be sure to let it stick in your hair briefly before rinsing it.

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