How to prevent heart disease?

By | February 3, 2017
How to prevent heart disease?

Heart disease is often fatal. However, there are various ways to keep the heart healthy and prevent heart disease.

How to prevent heart disease?

Know The Risks.

Talk with your doctor. Checking yourself regularly, including Your heart health. You should also find out other things such as weight and blood sugar. If you don’t know the risks, you won’t perform the handling that could save Your life.

Learn About The Symptoms.

How to prevent heart disease?

How to prevent heart disease? (Illustration/pixabay)

Heart attack symptoms in women and men differently. 43% of women do not experience pain in the chest at all. They just feel tremendous fatigue.  Other sign: pain in the sternum, upper back, neck, or jaw. And also sweating, nausea, dizziness, difficult breathing, could not sleep and anxiety.

Reduce Meat Consumption.
A vegetarian diet can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 30%. Consumption of meat in a small amount is okay, as long as you do not forget fruits and vegetables.

Reduce Blood Pressure.
Although there are no symptoms, high blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Meditation, yoga, exercise, and reduce the amount of sodium in foods is a natural way to reduce your blood pressure.

Healthy Snacks.
Sometimes hunger comes before the time is lunch or dinner. Avoid snacks that contain too much sugar. We recommend that you prepare your own snacks that you can pack in small portions. Healthy snacks include vegetables, fruit or popcorn.

Moving More.
Maybe you think don’t have time to exercise. But if you have time to drink coffee, it means that time is actually exists. Walk for 10 minutes during three times could reduce blood pressure more than walk for 30 minutes.

Hang out.
One thing that is often overlooked in a busy moment was socialising. Simply by such as shopping together or chatting in a cafe can help Your heart health. Women who have a lot of friends, tend to be not troubled with weight, and do not have blood sugar levels or high blood pressure.

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