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By | October 29, 2017
How To Prevent Heel Blisters

Marylin Monroe ever said ‘ Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world ‘. The legendary actress statements that seem to have a point. For, with the choice of proper shoes, feet can be more comfortable stepping in to meet the future bright.

However, not infrequently the wrong people choose shoes, especially women. Some women are often falling in love with a shoe model, although its size does not fit or is not comfortable to wear. One of the consequences, the legs become blisters even more severe blisters.

How To Prevent Heel Blisters

How To Prevent Heel Blisters

How To Prevent Heel Blisters

To prevent heel blisters, following the tips.

  1. Heel blisters can be caused due to friction on the skin, especially on new shoes if the size or model of the shoe is not suitable for you.
  2. If using socks, keep it clean and dry and replace it regularly.
  3. If choosing shoes recommended in the afternoon because after a lot of walking, foot size becomes larger in the afternoon.
  4. Use the largest shoe size because sometimes different right and left feet in size.
  5. Select the shoes material of the leather due to the relative leg can breathe.
    When it was new, generally leather shoes were originally more rigid so it may cause heel blisters. Nevertheless, these shoes are often used so that the material becomes more flexible.
  6. Spray antiperspirant.
    This can prevent heel blisters due to exposed friction shoes. Antiperspirant can reduce sweating on the feet. Rub or spray the antiperspirant to the rest of the foot, let it dry and then wear your shoes.
  7. Try new shoes before you go. Try to wear your new shoes around the House and feeling in the part where it made your legs hurt. After finding out where lies the potential for pain in the legs (after trying 30 minutes), you can follow the next two steps as below.
  8. Using lubricant.
    Lubricant helps reduce friction so no more blisters on the heel. Not just any lubricant, shoe stores usually sell a sticks contain a lubricant with a shape like a deodorant for feet so as not to make the heel blisters due to friction from a hard shoe leather.
  9. Add layers.
    Try to add a layer in your shoes. An extra layer of shoe leather to avoid friction that can make the heel blisters.
  10. Besides, Heel Blisters can also be caused by too excited sports that cause blisters. So it is advisable not to exercise too excited that causes heel blisters.

When the friction makes blisters broken, clean the blisters with a cotton bud or a soft cloth and cover with a sterile gauze to prevent further injury and infection. On the blisters part recommended to use plaster such as on the back of the heel.

Thank you very much for reading How To Prevent Heel Blisters, hopefully useful.