How To Prevent Human Trafficking

By | March 28, 2017
How To Prevent Human Trafficking

The problem of human trafficking has long been the case. However, if people are already aware of the existence of such issues? What the community has done with government support to stop it?

Human trafficking is one of the worst forms of violations of human dignity. Criminal acts of human trafficking, especially women and children, have been expanded in the form of either an organized criminal network or not organized. The human trafficking even involving not only the individual but also corporate and state officials who abuse their authority. The perpetrators of human trafficking network have a range of not only between regions in the country but also between countries. Human trafficking practices that person becomes a serious threat to the community, the nation, and the State, as well as against the norms of life which is based on respect for human rights so that the efforts of prevention and eradication of the human trafficking and the protection and rehabilitation of victims needs to be done both at the level of national, regional and international.

How To Prevent Human Trafficking

How To Prevent Human Trafficking (Illustration/pexels)

There are several things that can be categorized as human trafficking, such as working without pay, and the most popular is s*xual exploitation. Usually children or women are promised a specific job, but eventually they instead hired as commercial s*x workers. Child abduction through the social networking site can also trigger a child trafficking. Therefore, the development of technology should be accompanied by understanding about the merits.

How To Prevent Human Trafficking

To prevent human trafficking problem, there are some things we can do:

Give knowledge.
To prevent human trafficking, need guidance and socialization about the problems to the community. With continual socialization, the public will know the seriousness of this problem, and how the solution.

Education is certainly not given only to high society. The most important is the lower class of society. Why? Since many human trafficking occurred in communities with low education classes. Education should be given to the language that is easier to understand by all levels of society.

Tell others.
When we have been aware of this issue and how the solution, but don’t tell anyone else, this problem will not be completed. For those who have known it, then it becomes Your duty to convey what happens to others, in particular that you think has the potential to trafficking. For people who are not aware of any issue do not realize that this may have happened to people around us.

Play an active role to prevent.
After finding out and trying to tell other people, you can also play an active role to overcome this problem. Play an active role can be done in a way that you know of cases reported to the authorities. You can also point your child, nephew, or another young man who was fond of activity on the social networking site to be more careful in making friends, for example. You may be only do a small thing but when everyone wanted to do it, it is quite possible that this prolonged problem will be resolved.

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