How To Prevent Preterm Labor

By | May 14, 2017
How To Prevent Preterm Labor

Prevention of Preterm Labor is very necessary for a pregnant woman, especially for women who have experienced premature pregnancy. Although it does not yet have a history of giving birth prematurely, the woman should not ignore such premature births.

Preterm Labor is the birth of the insufficient age, labor it could happen if gestational age of the mother less than 37 weeks or 38 weeks. The farther from the gestational age 37 weeks and 38 weeks, baby health and safety risks of the increasingly alarming. Rarely can a baby survive outside the mother’s womb to age less than 32 weeks.

How To Prevent Preterm Labor

How To Prevent Preterm Labor

How To Prevent Preterm Labor

When the baby suffered a Preterm Labor, the chances of a baby could be affected by medical complications, especially in the respiratory part, so that the babies need intensive help to the breathing organs. Because of these problems, it is important for pregnant women to know how to prevent Preterm Labor. To Prevent Preterm Labor can be done with things below.

Maintain weight.
Pregnant women are too fat and too skinny is also very prone to Preterm Labor. Keep the weight to the ideal is one of the ways that could be performed by pregnant women. Indeed, while pregnant women will experience a significant increase in weight. But women who are pregnant should adjust the increase in her weight gain according to gestational age.

Many pregnant women who will experience increased weight at the time of the final trimester. However, most women who do not experience morning sickness will experience weight gain since the beginning of the pregnancy. Because of that, the mother should control increase her weight to have weight loss and weight gain.

Maintaining hygiene.
One of the causes of Preterm Labor is an infection in the tooth. Perforated teeth could be the cause of a Preterm Labor. So that to avoid Preterm Labor, the mother must maintain the cleanliness of the teeth and mouth. Do not let any germs that cause cavities and cause infection in the tooth.

Always Breakfast.
There are studies that show the fact that pregnant women who skipped breakfast, especially morning meal can be prone to Preterm Labor. So for pregnant mothers who do not want to experience a Preterm Labor is a good idea not to skip breakfast in the morning.

Declining immune of pregnant women can cause pregnant women to Preterm Labor. One of which was influenza. Influenza can cause immune of pregnant women decreased, if the immune of pregnant women decreased, an immune system that is in the body of the baby also come down. That’s why pregnant women need to protect themselves from influenza viruses and various diseases that could cause the mother’s immune system into decline. One way that can be done is to do the vaccine.

Healthy living patterns.
How to prevent Preterm Labor, the mother should implement healthy life patterns. Healthy living patterns can make the health of pregnant women and the fetus is in the womb healthy. Many a Preterm Labor caused by a pattern of life that is not healthy.

Use mask.
To avoid Preterm Labor, pregnant women can use a mask if it is in the crowd. A mask that could serve as a deterrent from free radicals, an antidote to the virus and also avoid cig*rette smoke.

Drinking plenty of Water.
Consume the plain water is believed to be able to dissolve a wide range of chemical substances in the body. If pregnant women consume foods that contain a lot of chemicals, she must consume a lot of water to be able to neutralize a wide range of food that is in the body.

Check pregnancy Routine.
For how to prevent Preterm Labor, the mother should be routinely checked the pregnancy on the obstetrician. Medical personnel can find out the sign of the bear if must be done prematurely. Medical personnel will also be encouraging pregnant women to consume the strengthening food. Checked the pregnancy to the medical personnel could do as much as one a month until the age of 37 weeks, although the pregnant women do not experience a complaint.

Checking Yourself If There is a Complaint.
If pregnant women experience a complaint before the pregnancy control schedule, pregnant women can visit a doctor before the control schedule. The complaints were for example pregnant women experience:

  • Severe pain.
  • Arise flecks of blood spots
  • Early contraction.
  • Amniotic water broke early
  • Stiff.
  • Heartburn, etc.

When complaints surfaced, a pregnant woman could soon be visiting the doctor or midwife.

Control each week.
If before 37 weeks gestational age, controls could be done during the once a month. When the age of the gestational age 37 weeks (9 months of fetal development), pregnant women can be checked in its pregnancy for a week.

Importance of pregnancy check.
Checked the pregnancy regularly to prevent the occurrence of preterm labor. Check out the pregnancy, it is important because it can be used to find out the fetal development, fetal position, the presence of a disability or not, as well as the possibility of Preterm Labor. Examination on a regular basis while pregnant can also detect any abnormalities of pregnancy, such as: ectopic pregnancy, Molar pregnancy, and Ectopic pregnant disturbed.

Consume Vitamin.
Pregnant women should routinely consume prenatal vitamins provided by physicians and medical parties given during pregnancy. Benefits of nutrients containing calcium, benefits of folic acid and iron is the substance must be consumed by pregnant women during pregnancy. Vitamin deficiency is very fatal to the health and development of the fetus.

Avoid Chemicals.
How to prevent Preterm Labor, must avoid various kinds of chemical substances. Prohibition of pregnant women is in the environment, food, and beverages. Chemical substances were also present on the drug. A drug that is not recommended by a doctor during pregnancy should never be consumed by pregnant.

Avoid Excessive Activity.
Pregnant women may be doing-activity, but pregnant women may not perform dangerous activities for pregnant. For example, is lifting weights that are too heavy, tired and also too stress. It can lead to Preterm Labor.

Thank you very much for reading How To Prevent Preterm Labor, hopefully useful.