How To Prevent Red Bumps After Shaving

By | July 9, 2017
How To Prevent Red Bumps After Shaving

Red bumps, and skin that is dry and itchy is a side effect that often occurs after shave. Both women or men are experiencing skin irritation after shaving, caused by a blunt razor, dry skin, or sensitive skin. Use the instructions below to prevent skin irritation after shaving.

How To Prevent Red Bumps After Shaving

Here are some ways to prevent red bumps after shaving:

Wait until the finished bath of warm water before shaving.
Warm water bath will moisturize the skin and reduces the risk of irritation when shaved. The more soft feather skin, it will be easier to shave until clean.

How To Prevent Red Bumps After Shaving

How To Prevent Red Bumps After Shaving

Doing exfoliation.
A lot of people who feel guilty about skipping this very important step. You really have to do this step before and after shaving. Exfoliation seems to be just a waste of time, but your skin will be smoother and the risk of onset of red bumps and irritation will decrease.

Always use a lubricant for shaving.
Use something to moisturize the skin is an absolute. Always use a cream to shave.

Shave in the direction of growth of the feathers.
Use shaving movement from top to bottom. If the razor was too pressing the surface of the skin, then it can cause irritation and bumps. Means, shave from the top downward.

Do short and light movement when shaving.
The second movement is done simultaneously. If the movement is short, then that movement also tends to be lighter. If the movement is too long, you feel as though the razor is blunt so much more pressing. Do not do it!

Rinse the areas which had been shaved with cold water and pat dry by patting.
No matter how the warmth of the water, will surely open up skin pores and cold water will definitely be able to close it again. After rinsing with cold water, Pat dry by patting. Do not be rubbed! Rubbing the skin will only cause problems.

Use a new razor.
Using a dull razor cause irritation. Instead of moving smoothly on the skin, blunt razors and even be difficult moving so as to cause a more severe irritant.

For men, buy a badger brush (brush for applying shaving cream or soap on the face).
Badger brush is very useful for applying shaving cream on the body feathers so that the shaving results are cleaner and smoother.

Use shaving cream containing Aloe Vera or other materials suitable for sensitive skin.
Dab of shaving cream while you’re showering. Let stand a minimum of 3 minutes to soften the hair. Aloe Vera and other content in shaving cream makes the surface of the skin become smoother so that reduces the risk of irritation when shaved.

Dab the hydrocortisone cream or ointment after shave.
Do as soon as it is completed shave to lessen the pains and redness caused by your razor. Hydrocortisone ointment works to cool the skin and heal irritation.

Dab the lotion after shaving.
Use a moisturizing lotion and without perfume on shaved areas. Lotions to prevent dry skin due to shaving, which causes the symptoms of skin irritation.

Use special creams (depilatory) to remove the feathers of the body. This kind of special cream eroded body hair on its roots that are inside the hair follicle. Using this cream can reduce skin irritation that usually occurs due to shaving. However, notice if there is an allergy caused by this cream. The feather thresher cream can be used for sensitive skin, but skin allergies can still occur.

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