12 Tips How To Prevent Skin Cancer

By | May 22, 2020
How To Prevent Skin Cancer

How To Prevent Skin Cancer – Cancer is the second deadly disease after heart disease. Includes skin cancer. Skin cancer is a dangerous one that has 5 types. Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, Actinic Keratosis, melanoma cancer, and Merkel cell carcinoma.

Each type has a different characteristic. Although it can threaten anyone, skin cancer can actually be prevented. The best prevention is to avoid the skin by direct exposure to sunlight for a long time.

What’s more for people who have had melanoma or a non-melanoma type of skin cancer. In addition to keeping the skin away from the long term sunlight, there are other ways how to prevent skin cancer.

How To Prevent Skin Cancer

1. Avoid sunlight

Try to avoid sunlight:

  • When the UV index is in the number 3 or
  • Between 11:00 to 15:00 daily, where the sunlight shines very well.

2. Don’t Underestimate the unheated rays of sunlight

When you travel to low-temperature areas like mountains or while traveling in the winter, sometimes the cold air makes you forget that there is exposure to sunlight that remains at risk on your skin. Cool air disguises the effect of sunburn and finally burned skin before you even realize it.

Stay on sunblock When you are doing outdoor activities while you are in the cold-air area. Cold air will indeed disguise the sting effect, but it does not mean there is no threat of UV rays at all.

3. Use sunscreen

Use sunscreen with sun protection factor SPF15 + and PA + + on all skin parts that are not covered in clothing, including the lips. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before exiting the room and reuse every 2 to 3 hours. The SPF15 absorbs 93% of UV radiation, while SPF30 absorbs 97% UV radiation. 

4. Take shelter

Take shelter under trees, umbrellas, or canopies.

5. Use a protective

Wear a wide hat, sunglasses, and dark-colored weaving clothes that cover your arms and legs.

6. Avoid tanning bed and sunlamp

Do not use tanning bed and sunlamps (the equipment for sunbathing and darkening the skin color).

7. Set diet

How To Prevent Skin Cancer - set the diet

Regulating the diet in question is to multiply the consumption of foods containing high fiber such as vegetables and fruit, reduce fat, avoid junk food, preserved foods, foods that are cooked toasted, and avoid smo**king and alco**holic beverages

8. Consume fruits and vegetables

Frequently consuming fruits and vegetables, especially those containing antioxidant substances. Pumpkin fruits, carrots, grapes, tomatoes and green beans are very well consumed routine to protect the skin.

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9. Avoid using hazardous chemicals

One of the factors that often triggers the emergence of skin cancer is hazardous chemicals. Not only that contained in body care products, you should also be careful in selecting the ingredient content of the household products. Starting from the room freshener, mosquito repellent, detergent, etc.

10. Increase water intake

One way to keep your skin healthy and moist is to consume water. Moreover, the condition of moist skin cells will prevent a number of diseases attacking your skin cells. Nevertheless, do not carelessly consume water. The reason is that some plain water, especially those derived from tap water, contains minerals that settle into the body.

Such conditions will certainly increase the risk of developing skin cancer. It would be better if you consume the water that has been through the previous filtration stages.

11. Do regular check ups

Make sure you get a professional’s help. Visit a dermatologist once every one year, so you can get clear information about your skin condition. Especially if you have an enlarged, discolored, or itching mole, visit the dermatologist as soon as possible.

12. Checking for suspicious moles or skin stains

Moles and stains on the skin that appear suddenly can be an early sign of skin cancer. Therefore, if you find it, immediately consult a doctor.

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