How To Prevent Thinning Hair

By | March 20, 2017
How To Prevent Thinning Hair

Beautiful thick hair is a dream of every people, especially women. However, there are several factors that cause hair thinning such as stress, age, and pregnancy.

How To Prevent Thinning Hair

To avoid the hair problem, there are several ways to prevent thinning hair that you can do every day so your hair in the best condition.

Use conditioner.
Dehydration can cause hair to become damaged and branching. We recommend using the conditioner regularly. Try products containing panthenol and glycerine to strengthen the fragile hair without making it look greasy.

Pigtails hair is not too tight.
Continuous binding the hair tightly, using hair extensions, and use a blow-dryer will cause excessive tension on the hair follicles and cause alopecia.

The consumption of proteins.
Protein can help nourish the hair loss. The consumption of meat or fish every day can meet protein requirement of 45 grams.

How To Prevent Thinning Hair

How To Prevent Thinning Hair (Illustration/pixabay)

Keep your scalp health.
If your scalp tends to be dry, one easy and cheap way is to use coconut oil. Use before bed then wash after waking up in the morning. Done for several nights in a row.

Check your thyroid.
Thyroid condition specifically hipertiroid can cause hair thinning and common in menopausal women. This condition can make the hair becomes thin and dry and brittle nails, making weight gain, and fatigue.

The consumption of vitamins.
A deficiency of vitamin B12 and D is a common cause of occurrence of thinning hair and slow down hair growth. Lack of vitamin B12 can be overcome by increasing the intake of meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, and supplements of vitamin B complex. Meanwhile, if vitamin D deficiency, you should check with your self to a dermatologist.

Add your iron intake.
Heavy menstruation, vegetarian diet, cardiovascular exercise, or a regular blood donor, can cause decreased serum Ferritin, namely protein that stores iron in the body. Lack of iron is the most common cause of hair thinning in young women. Consult your Ferritin conditions to ensure sufficient iron.

A healthy lifestyle.
The hair is often used as a barometer of your health. People are always eating fast food, no exercise, drinking alcoh*l, sm*king, excessive parties, rarely have good hair.

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