How To Prevent Uti In Dogs

By | June 7, 2017
How To Prevent Uti In Dogs

Urinary tract infection (UTI) in dogs occurs when the bacteria attack the immune system of the dog. In many cases, undetected UTI in dogs, and sometimes there is not even any signs at all. These diseases result in pain when urinating, and potentially lead to other health problems. To prevent pain and discomfort in your dog, do it early in the prevention of UTI.

How To Prevent UTI In Dogs

Here are some ways to prevent UTI in dogs:

Make sure your dog is well maintained.
You should as much as possible keeping the back areas of the pet’s body to keep it clean. UTI is generally more going on a female dog than males, due to the shape of the female gen*talia and because of its position adjacent to the anus. The gen*tals of female dog are very open, and can be a point of entry of contamination of residual impurities from the anus.

Preferably, a dog urinating on a regular basis. The longer the urine in the bladder accumulates, the higher the chance of bacteria multiplying. Urinating regularly removing bacteria from the bladder as well as reduce the risk of infection. Ideally, the dog must be at least one bladder empties every 4 hours.

Provide plenty of drinking water for dogs.

How To Prevent Uti In Dogs

How To Prevent Uti In Dogs

The bacteria secrete a toxin that can injure the bladder and channels, resulting in bacteria stick and in. If the dog is drinking lots of water, eliminate toxins, reduces the risk of infection.

Don’t give your dog orange juice or other beverage containing chemical substances. You’ve probably heard that lemon juice is beneficial to the healing of UTI. In theory, this fluid can increase the acidity of the urine and kill the infection. However, there is a risk, that lead to acidity becomes too high, that can cause urinary stone disease.

Apply a specialized diet for your dog. If your dog susceptible UTI, visit veterinary¬†for advice a special diet for it. The ideal acidity levels in dog urine is 6.2-6.4. The dog’s diet prescription can be tailored specifically to produce the proper level of acidity of the urine.

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