How To Prevent Vitiligo

By | March 20, 2020
How To Prevent Vitiligo

To be able to prevent vitiligo, ways below are the most appropriate thing to do so that the skin kept healthy and far from all diseases. There is no harm to try doing things below so that the potential of vitiligo can be reduced.

How To Prevent Vitiligo

Do not inhabit the House that Recently Decorated.
Located in the contaminated environment is not only harmful to our organs, but also very threatening to the health of the skin. The environment is not healthy is the environment that’s been contaminated by exposure to other chemicals originating from industrial, heavy metals, and a coating of paint. Even when we moved to a new home, which also recently furnished and decorated, we should not indirectly  inhabit the House because the House needs to be ventilated for a little over 3 months before it could finally be settled.

How To Prevent Vitiligo

How To Prevent Vitiligo (Illustration/By James Heilman, MD (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons)

Don’t exercising Run in a smoky place.
Careful and alert before doing sports, especially running; find a place that truly clean environment and would not be harmful to our skin or breathing. All places are smoky and polluted should not be the place chosen for the exercise. It seems trivial, but when things like this are ignored, do not be surprised when our skin is easily irritated, so any breathing only because we work out in inappropriate places.

Choosing a healthy diet.
All the processed foodstuffs need to be washed first clean up, especially when we were about to eat fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables must be cleaned with clean water until repeatedly. If it’s not in a hurry, after washing it, vegetable and fruit should still be soaked in a basin containing clean water approximately 30 minutes, so that the harmful residues that may be left behind, as the fruit pesticides can be eliminated completely.

We recommend that you choose a healthy diet, even for healthy fruit and vegetable still has to go through the process of washing a justly so that our body and skin is not exposed to certain dangerous substances cause vitiligo or lack of melanin.

A healthy and balanced diet.
Do a balanced nutritious diet will also be able to provide benefits to the health of our skin. Good eating habits can prevent it at the same time addressing the vitiligo because as we know there are lots of food choices on the outside, but we never know which is really safe for our bodies. Selecting and consuming food that it’s certainly nutritious and healthy with daily intake of each nutrient which will help our body’s physiological functions work properly.

Meals with mineral content and tyrosine must be consumed appropriately, as well as beef, nuts, grains, shellfish, raisins, fresh vegetables, eggs, poultry and pork. Vitiligo not only will be attacked when our normal eating patterns disrupted for a long period of time. Digestive disorders as well as anorexia can also happen to us.

Maximum Skin Protection.
In preventing esophageal vitiligo, skin certainly should get the extra protection because vitiligo cannot be cured, but the development of vitiligo would be slowed and appearance of the skin sufferers still possible to be repaired. Because the rays of ultraviolet are becoming the trigger of the appearance of skin discoloration, so using sunscreen is one of the best solutions to provide protection to the skin. Sunscreen SPF 30 and more are recommended so that Sun could not easily burn our skin and prevents the skin from damage.

Utilize skin camouflage creams.
If the vitiligo has been attacked, of course, there is still a way to prevent it is stretched or expanded, namely by making use of skin camouflage creams where these creams including waterproof. This cream would very useful for disturbed will vitiligo and in addition to making its development slowed down, this cream will definitely help the vitiligo disguise well. Tanning lotion is also very useful to raise back our dropped confidence due to skin discolorations.

Using Turmeric.
In order to prevent the more widespread vitiligo, there are natural ways that should be considered, such as turmeric consumption, so that the skin is already experiencing spotting can be reproduced again. How to make this herb simple is to provide turmeric sufficiently mixed with mustard. First, we can collect 500 mg of turmeric root, then chopped using a knife.

After that, turmeric root need to be soaked in water as much as 8 liters overnight. The next morning the volume of the soaking water can be reduced to one-half and filter it off. Water filters that still need to mix with mustard oil, heated until the ingredients are completely blended. After all, the ingredients are stained to white spots 2 times a day.

Use Basil Leaves.
Basil leaves not only can be a tasty vegetables for some people, because in the leaves, there are antibacterial and antivirus so it is good to prevent vitiligo develop further and spread. Any kind of skin-related diseases able to be cured and prevented by this traditional medicine. The trick is easy, we just need to smooth it, then mix it with lime juice.

In this manner, melanin will be produced, and extracts can then be taken. The extract can be applied topically to the skin that has a spot for a month in a row with the usage rules three times a day.

Because melanin is reduced, the skin will be prone to add exposure to sunlight. That’s what caused it to easily burn, more susceptible to vitiligo and even raise the risk of skin cancer. When the eye has also exposed by pigment deficiency, beware against inflammatory will happen at the iris. Even other complications like declining hearing capabilities also need to look out for and if it can be prevented as much as possible.

Thank you very much for reading How To Prevent Vitiligo, hopefully useful.

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