How to reduce emotions quickly

By | October 29, 2018
How to reduce emotions

How to reduce emotions quickly – Regret and also upset could come anytime and anywhere. The trigger also can vary, due to congestion that makes you come to the office or because the favorite cup that broken because of being hit by a colleague. Whatever the cause, you need to do only one, namely to reduce emotions as quickly and as soon as possible so that this anger is not flaring everywhere. To that end, lets find out how to reduce emotions quickly in the following reviews.

The key how to reduce emotions quickly.

When emotions peaked, blood pressure will usually increase as the heart pumps faster and irregularly. So often you will feel headaches, pain in the chest, and shortness of breath. Well, so that your anger is not to bring bad influence to physical health, you need to find how to reduce emotions quickly and directly. The following options how to reduce emotions that you can practice daily:

Take a deep breath.

Take a deep breath is one powerful way to reduce emotions. Robert Nicholson, PhD, an Assistant Professor at Saint Louis University, United States, stating that the time upset the body become tense. To relax back and lower tension, you need to take a deep breath. The reason, supplying more oxygen into the body helped it to release tension. Close your eyes slowly and then inhale deeply. The trick with inhaling it from the nose and pull it out slowly from the mouth. Repeat this simple meditation technique as much as three to five times or until you feel much better.

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Take a walk for a moment.

When emotions are peaking, try to get up from sitting and walking for a moment away from the source of your anger. Exercises can be a stress reliever and a fairly powerful emotions. Walking distance includes gentle exercise can be an option for hormone release of endorphins, the body’s fishing or called with the happy hormones.
With a short stroll and get away from the source of pique, you can think more clearly. In addition, this way also helps you to find new views that might be a solution to the problem at hand. No need to linger, walk for five minutes in open space was enough can give you peace.

Pressing certain points on the body.

How to reduce emotions - Pressing certain points on the body

Pressing certain points on the body is one key How to reduce emotions

Daniel Hsu, an expert in traditional medicine and acupuncture in New York State, stated that pressing certain points on the body can relax your nervous system. When angry and stressed, the nerves will tighten. To be able to restore it on normal conditions, you need to press the main points on the head, face, and hands that close to the nerve bundles.
Try pressing the section in the palm of the hand between the thumb and forefinger. Press slowly with thumb and feel the touch. Let stand for approximately 10 seconds and repeat this on the other hand. You can also suppress the various points of the palm with just the thumb.

Relaxing strained muscles.

To reduce the emotions that overwhelm yourself, you can relax all muscle tense groups. This one way is very easy and can be done anytime. In fact, this exercise could release nearly all of the tension that you feel in the body in seconds. That way, you are much calmer and able to deal with the situation with a cool head. It’s easy, stretch all the muscles in the body from head to toe. For example, move your shoulders back slowly, turn the neck line or counterclockwise direction, relax your limbs in a way turn it around. In addition, rotate the body to the right and to the left for relaxing the muscles of your back and hips.

Turn on your favorite music that is soothing.

Did you know, the body’s internal rhythm turns to the rhythm of the music that you hear. While angry, try to listen to music with a soothing rhythm so that the body also indirectly follows the rhythm. That way, your breath and your heart rate will slow down back to normal conditions, even more relaxed than before.

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