How to remove ingrown hair in 4 Ways

By | March 14, 2020
Ingrown hair solution

How to remove ingrown hair – Ingrown hairs are a condition characterized by hair that does not grow outside the skin layer. This condition can occur after the hair or fur on the skin is shaved or unplugged. Ingrown hair is also often experienced by people who have a type of curly or very wavy hair (curls). In males, the ingrown hairs generally appear around the beard-covered face. While in women, in the groin.

Ingrown hair conditions can improve without special treatment. However, it can cause itching complaints, interfere with appearance, as well as trigger inflammation of the surrounding skin.

Causes of ingrown hairs.

The cause of ingrown hair can be caused by a number of the following conditions:

  • The structure and direction of hair grow. It generally happens to owners of curly hair types or curls. The curved hair follicles produce hair that does not grow out of the skin surface.
  • Dead skin cells that clog the follicles can trigger hair growth towards the side below the surface of the skin, rather than out penetrating the skin’s surface.
  • Shaving the hair while pulling or stretching the skin, causing the rest of the hair shaft to sink beneath the surface of the skin.
  • Pluck the hair by using tweezers or by waxing, which can leave the rest of the hair shaft beneath the surface of the skin.

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Ingrown Hair Diagnosis.

Diagnosis of this ingrown hair condition is done in a simple way that is by inspection.

Ingrown Hair Prevention

Prevention of ingrown hair is done by avoiding shaving and plucking the hair. If it is not an option, then some tips can be done to lower the likelihood of occurrence of ingrown hair conditions, among others is by:

  • Wash the skin area that will be done to measure with warm water.
  • Apply a shaving cream or a gels before shaving.
  • Use a sharp razor every time you shave.
  • Avoid plucking the hair while shaving.
  • Shaving the hair according to the direction of the hair grows.
  • Wash the razor every time finished shaving.
  • Clean the skin with water and use moisturizers after finishing the shaving.

How to remove ingrown hair

There are several ways How to remove ingrown hair:

Leave for one week.

In most cases, the hair that grows into the skin will disappear without any treatment. Usually, hair with such a growth direction will look for ways to grow out of the skin that it is. While waiting for this problem to improve, do not scratch or gouge the ingrown hair.

Apply a little pimple medication into the hair that grows into the skin.

Hair that grows like this is very similar to acne, especially if it comes to pus. Apply a little benzoyl salicylic or salicylic acid several times a day for several days. The combination of this treatment and exfoliation every day is often enough to overcome the problem because it can reduce the swelling so that the hair more freely grows out (no longer inwards)

Clean up routine

How to remove ingrown hair

One of the proper ways to treat this condition is to routinely clean the hair that are ingrown. You can make use of toothbrushes that have soft ends, washcloth or scrubs. Cleanse the part of the skin that is experiencing ingrown hairs with rotating movements. If the tip of the hair starts to appear, you can remove or shave it.

Piercing with Needles

You can also tackle the ingrown hair by piercing the skin part with the needle. But keep in mind, make sure the needle is used sterile, and puncture the skin part thinly and slowly. The goal is to lift the ends of the hair that grows inside the skin.

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