How to Use the Right Foundation

By | March 17, 2019
How to Use the Right Foundation

The use of improper foundation will make the face look like a mask, or even striped with the colors of the skin actually. Foundation is able to make the skin appear flawless, if you use it properly. So that the foundation can make skin look flawless follow these tips.

How to Use the Right Foundation

1. Use a brush
Many women are lazy to use a brush, foundation brush whereas a must-have tool if you want a foundation to look flat and smooth on the face. Use a foundation brush the surface of the brush hairs rounded. This will make it easier to wear foundation on the face. This way is the easy way to wear foundation little by little. This method is an easy way to wear foundation bit by bit. It is easier to add than the foundation gradually wear foundation once more and the result was too thick so it should be removed and start all over again.

How to Use the Right Foundation

How to Use the Right Foundation (Image: Pixabay)

2. Mix and match the foundation
Use the mattifying foundation (matte foundation that can absorb oil) in the T-zone, namely the forehead, nose and chin. For the cheeks and jaw use a foundation with moisturizer on the cheek and the surrounding area with a little powder to avoid the powder clot when the face began to oily.

3. Use primer
The primer is very important because it can absorb oil and making lines and wrinkles of the face look sketchier. This primer had used before the foundation. For extremely oily skin, after the foundation disposable, absorb the oil with a tissue by tapping movement. Do it gently so that the foundation does not stick to tissue. For lines at the corners of the lips use a small brush and blend foundation in the area.

4. Use color corrector
For dark brown skin color, use the color corrector concealer after foundation and before and talc. For brown skin and dark skin colors use the orange color collector because this color is able to neutralize the dark color under the eyes, around the corner of the eyes and lips.

5. Use a foundation evenly
The points are not just around the face, but use it also under the jawbone. Do not forget your ears, especially for pale skin as pale-skinned people tend to be colored red ears.
It is recommended to choose a foundation whose color is equal to the color of the neck so that if it is used then the color of the face and the neck is fused.

You’ve read How to Use the Right Foundation, I hope that’ll be useful.

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