How You Can Naturally Control Cockroach Infestation in Your Home

By | April 26, 2018
how to get rid of cockroaches forever

Cockroaches are by far one of the most stubborn household pests around and once they come into your house eliminating them may be tricky. This is due to the fact that they hide in crevices and hard to reach places within the house. They also lay eggs in hidden places and in large numbers so that if they are left unchecked their populations in the house will just keep on increasing and increasing.


Cockroaches are also said to be able to spread diseases because they hide and crawl in dirty places such as sewages and then come into the house and can crawl on human food. This is why it is important to find ways to effectively ward them of or possibly eliminate them from your home as soon as you spot them.

In this article we are going to discuss how homeowners can use natural repellants against these pests from their homes without breaking the bank. Here below are different methods of eliminating roaches from your house. Please note that using just one method may not effectively repel or eliminate the cockroaches from your home and therefore you may need to combine some of the methods to get impressive results.

Always keep your house clean

The first step of keeping any pests ways from your house is always to keep your house clean and tidy at all times. Most pests usually find it easy to thrive in untidy and unkempt homes because such homes give them a safe haven to hide and brood easily. This enables them to multiple fast in their numbers and within no time their populations increase tremendously.

An unkempt home also attracts cockroaches and makes it impossible even for you to spot the menacing pests. You can go about this by making your house a tidy place and removing every clutter that may be strewn anyhow.

Use cockroach repellants

There are two benefits to using good quality cockroach repellants in your house in your strategy to keep the pests out. Repellants will help to ward of any existing cockroaches in your house. Repellants will also prevent any kind of cockroaches coming to your house and creating an infestation. There are various homemade repellants that you can use to kill roaches naturally. Natural repellants are usually good compared to chemical repellants because they pose no harm to your pets or even you.

kill roaches naturally

You can create your own natural repellant at home by mixing cloves with Epsom salts and then placing in a bowl that is shallow. You can then go and place the bowl on suspected hiding places or places the roaches like to frequent. Some of the most common places that cockroaches like to hide include cupboards, behind appliances, under sinks in the kitchen, around the garbage bucket, etc. once you place the repellant there it best to keep an eye on the progress of your repellant against the pests.

Use of essential oils

The other method that you can rely on to help keep cockroaches out of your house is by using essential oils. Using essential oils is recommended because it is a natural method that does not involve the use of chemicals which may be harmful to you, your family and even pets.

The best essential oils to use include peppermint, cypress and citrus hystrix. What you will do with these oils is to apply that you have chosen to use on a cotton ball and then place the cotton ball on areas where the cockroaches hide. If you either of these oils will you will surely see remarked reduction of roach infestation at your home.

You can use bay leaves

how to get rid of cockroaches bay leaves

Bay leaves have a characteristic scent that that cockroaches don’t like and this makes it a good natural repellant. You can simply collect the leaves and then crush them and then spread them in the cupboard, behind the wardrobes, under skinks, and behind huge appliances like fridges and washing machines. This way the cockroaches will avoid places that like to hid and move away from your home. Bay leaves are affordable and they can easily be bought from a grocery store.

Use of baking soda and sugar

So far the best natural cockroach control ever in this list. Here you simply mix baking soda and sugar with water and then set it at places where the pests like to frequent. The benefit of using this mixture is the fact that it will not repel the pests but bait them to it. Once the roaches have been attracted to the mixture and eaten it they will simply just die! Here in this mixture it is the sugar that acts as bait as it attracts the cockroaches while the baking soda is the one that kills them from the inside.

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