Infected ear piercing: The causes, symtomps, and 9 Home remedies to treat it

By | February 9, 2019
Infected ear piercing

Infected ear piercing: The causes, symtomps, and 9 Home remedies to treat it – Ear piercing is one of the ways of expressing yourself, but sometimes there are unwanted side effects, such as infection. If your ears are infected, the first act to do is to contact a doctor for advice. Keep the piercing hygiene at home to speed up recovery. While waiting, make sure you don’t hurt or disrupt the area of infection. Your ears should be back to normal after a few weeks.

Infected ear piercing causes.

Causes of infected ear piercing due to the presence of microbes or bacteria that get into the pierced area. Possibly triggered by unsterile needles used for piercing the ear. Or, it can also be an infection arising due to dirty hands touch. In addition, the use of accessories in the piercing area too tightly can restrict blood flow which leads to infection. Another case also found infections due to certain allergies occur with metal.

Infected ear piercing symptoms

Symptoms of infection on piercings among others pain and or accompanied by the presence of yellow pus fluid. Sufferers also experience a burning sensation in the area of the infection, including painful itching. Sometimes the redness and swelling found in the pierced area.

Distinguish between irritation and infection.

If that happens just pain without any physical changes in the area that is visible, then the sign that is just a normal effect that occurs after the piercing. Mild irritation also often occurs with itching that feels as well as redness.

Home remedies for infected ear piercing

Remove pus from around the ear with a cotton bud.

Moisten end of a cotton bud with antibacterial soap or salt solutions. Sweep the liquid or pus thoroughly. However, do not remove the crust or scab that actually helping recovery.

Using salt solutions.

Mix a little salt in a solution of warm water and then compress Your earring hole with sterile cotton, doing routine every two days until it dries or irritation dries.

Remove the earrings.

If you have started to feel itchy, immediately remove the earring from the ear holes. Then clean the ears with cotton and alcohol, don’t leave it for too long. This prevents bacteria in the ear hole spread.

The earrings are made from nickel, sometimes cause allergic reactions in some people so it’s good to use earrings that are not made from nickel to prevent the possibility of getting ear infections. We recommend that you use the type of pure metals such as silver or gold.

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Using an antibiotic ointment.

If the wound never healed, we recommend that you try using an antibiotic ointment as an alternative healing, we recommend consulting your doctor first.

Warm Compress.

Apply a warm compress to reduce pain. Dampen a washcloth with warm water or a solution of salt. Press the ear for 3 – 4 minutes. Repeat again if necessary.

Aloe Vera gel.

Home remedies for infected ear piercing

You can also apply Aloe Vera gel which is believed to cure various types of sores on the skin.

Ice cubes.

Rub ice cubes gently into the ear that is experiencing inflammation or infection. Ice helps decrease pain.

Hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

Use this material to to clean the area of piercing both from the front or back of the ear. This fluid can kill germs that are there.

Pain reliever.

Take over-the-counter pain reliever to overcome the pain. Ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol) can reduce the pain for a while. Take medication as the instructions in the packaging.

Visit doctor as soon as you suspect there is an infection. Serious complications can occur due to infection is untreated. If your ear pain, redness, or pus, make an appointment with the doctor.

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