Is wearing heavy earrings bad

By | December 31, 2017
Is wearing heavy earrings bad

Various fashion items often tempting to support the appearance. Clothing, shoes, accessories, is some fashion item that is believed not only to beautify the appearance of course but also able to evoke a sense of confidence. NOT always fashion products that steal the most attention are bags, shoes, or clothing. Referring to the London Fashion Week, the presence of unique and large design earrings precisely become a matter of stealing the attention. But behind it all turns out there is a bad impact that could be caused if You are not selective in choosing a fashion item. Wrong selecting fashion items, can bring danger to health. Earrings are actually shortcut accessory when you are lazy to wear makeup to support the appearance with little effort. Is wearing heavy earrings bad? In fact, the large accessories, such as earrings also have disadvantages. Large earrings can lead to premature aging on your ears.

Is wearing heavy earrings bad?

Reasons should not wear large earrings

  1. Mild infections, generally occur after the initial piercing.
  2. Because the earrings add weight on the thin skin layer, gravity ear piercings will stretch from round to oval shape. This form will be depleting with time and broke.
  3. Types of earrings that are too large can damage the hole in ear piercings. The hole could widen and piercings are cheap metal used for earrings can cause allergies.
  4. Big earrings can be snagged by something or pulled by children or pets, causing tearing ears.
Is wearing heavy earrings bad

Is wearing heavy earrings bad

Back in the year 2011, the ears are sagging got attention from among surgeons who focus on anti aging. They mention that a lot of women who suddenly came up to them to bring back signs of ear stretching or sagging.

There are two options, the sagging due to ear piercings or because of the age factor. If the ears are sagging due to piercing, then inevitably, heavy piercings or earrings that are used must be reduced.

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