Keeping Fit on the Road: Staying Healthy When You Travel

By | December 14, 2017
Staying Healthy while You Travel

Do you have a proper plan for diet and workout which you find impossible to follow while travelling? You are not the only one. Most of the people tend to eat unhealthy rather than putting up with the diet schedule they have back at home. They believe that being in another land allows them to be reluctant about their health and fitness and do as they please.

Amidst all the fun you have during your trip, you forget that your body is changing for the worst and all the hard work you did on it is going down the drain. When you are back home, your mind and muscles both are not ready to start with the same old workout plan. Therefore, I would suggest you to keep  healthy habits in your routine while travelling a little, if you cannot follow them perfectly.

Staying Healthy while You Travel

Staying Healthy while You Travel

Here are some tips for you following which you will be able to stay healthy and fit while travelling:

  1. Stop and Rest

Many people believe in staying up while being in transit and the reason is mostly the discomfort or safety issues. Lack of sleep and constantly being alert leaves you feeling restless and exhausted and you end up falling sick at times. Therefore, no matter if you are on a plane, a bus or your private car, stop and rest when you it is your time to sleep.

If you are on the road and you cannot find any inns nearby, just park the car on one side and get some rest. If you are concerned about your car’s safety, make sure it has all the security locks, tracker and good-quality dash cam. It will help keep you at ease and relax when you need to.

  1. Commit to Yourself

If you want to do something, you first need to make a commitment to yourself. This way your mind gets in line too, and keeps giving you a reminder of what stands as a priority. Therefore, just make a commitment that you will spare some minutes for your exercise on a daily basis. Leaving it a day means leaving it for good. So, if all you get is 5 free minutes, make most of them by warming up your body. Even that would be enough for keeping your muscles habitual of the workout routine.

  1. Keep a Bottle of Water

The body needs extra hydration while you are travelling as there is a lot of movement and sweat. Where you need extra water, you do not even have enough that you usually have at home.

The lack of water intake then leads to sickness and weakness. Therefore, to track your water intake and to remember that you have to keep drinking it every now and then, keep a bottle with you. Finish it twice for enough hydration.

If you do not like having plain water so much, turn it into detox water by adding lemon and cucumber juice and some mint leaves. This way it will be tastier and healthy at the same time.

  1. More Protein and More Greens

Preparing your own meal becomes almost impossible while travelling. You mostly buy an on-the-go meal, get into a fancy restaurant or eat at a friend’s. Therefore, if you are asked what you will take, opt for something that has protein in it. Protein intake leaves you feeling full for quite some time and your cravings for all the unhealthy snacks are curbed.

Plus, add more greens as a sideline in your meal for adding more nutrition to the diet. Due to all the movement, exhaustion and change, you end up feeling weak and craving more during the trip. Therefore, taking protein and all the nutrition the greens contain, you will stay healthy and full. You can also take supplements with you in case you do not like the food due to the change of culture or for some reason.

  1. Engage in Some Healthy Sports

All the hotels you might stay in have at least a swimming pool. You do not even once step into it because you would rather spend time watching television in your hotel room. Try to change that about yourself when you are on a trip and try to make the most of every single minute by engaging in healthy physical activities like swimming, football, table tennis and plain brisk walk or a jog if nothing is available.

The motto is to keep the body as active as you are back at home. Head out and find a park if possible and start running there if you cannot find a proper gym to exercise in. All you need to do is keep your body moving so that you are not out of shape when you are home.

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