Know the 3 Effective Massage Techniques that Aids in Weight Loss

By | June 14, 2017
Know the 3 Effective Massage Techniques that Aids in Weight Loss 1

Massages are a way to keep oneself relaxed and stress-free. It helps to get rid of the anxiety and rejuvenate one from head to toe. It helps relax one’s muscles and body and one is good to go for the further activities. One can opt for massages to release tension of the body and also to get rid of the pain or injury. Be it sports massage or deep tissue massage – they can help one release the pain and anxiety. Massages also aid in weight loss and can be highly effective. Wondering how?

There are many techniques that aids in losing the weight. These massages help in blood circulation in the muscles and provide nutrition to them or improve the flexibility of the muscles. Due to such effects the muscles get relaxed and the tissue metabolism increases, due to which when a person exercises, the calories gets burned.

There are mainly three massage techniques, which are considered best for weight loss.

  1. Abdominal massage

This massage will help one in getting rid of the toxins from the body. The focus of the massage is the abdomen section and one need to breathe deeply while indulging in the massage session. It boosts the metabolism of the body and helps in the digestive system working smoothly. If a person is suffering from constipation or irregular bowel movements, then doing this massage can prove beneficial to them.

A few minutes, twice a day can help in getting relief from constipation and relax the abdominal muscles. For effective results, follow the steps given.

  • Lie down on a flat and firm surface on the back.
  • Rub the hands to make them warm.
  • Start by placing the left hand below the belly button and making circular motions.
  • Gradually widen the circle by putting the firm pressure for about 2-3 seconds.
  • Focus on building the heat around the abdomen while kneading.
  • Do it for two minutes and about 40-40 circles, twice a day. Make sure the stomach area gets warm while carrying this massage technique. 
  1. Aromatherapy Massage

This is another massage therapy that aids in weight loss by relaxing and curbing the cravings of a person. This massage includes the use of essential oils and the oils are extracts of flowers, fruits, seeds and leaves. People who indulged in these massages had the improvement in the moods and the sleeping issues were resolved. It also helps in stress, depression, lack of energy and inflammation.

There is different oil for every ailment one is suffering from. One can feel relaxed by getting in contact with the essential oils; but their aromas and smell works wonders when inhaled or absorbed by the skin; and massage helps in relieving the stress and pain from the body. The massage technique in this massage doesn’t matter as the essential oils have their own healing effect on the individual. The oils can have euphoric, soothing, calming and even purifying effect on an individual. It helps one get rid of all the anxiety and stress, the person is full of energy for the workout and day’s chores. 

  1. Lymphatic Massage 

Lymphatic massage helps boost the metabolism of one’s body. It enhances the immunity power of the body, and helps in getting rid of the toxins. One will get the advantage of releasing the stress and anxiety as well. Because of the daily chores, one suffers from fatigue and pressure; while indulging in such massage, one can get rid of all the ailments.

Many people have bad eating habits, which results in weight gain; due to laziness or work load, many of the people cannot indulge in workout sessions. Lymphatic massages will help people in weight loss mechanism along with the relaxation of the muscles and joints. It increases the tissue metabolism, which gradually relaxes our muscles. When a person workout after the massage, it helps them burning the calories fast and eventually the workout time also increases.

Individuals who play sports can use this massage heal their injuries and pain. This massage is effective for the sportsperson and can help them to recover quickly from these injuries. Once recovered, one can resume the workout regime and can see great results from this massage.

One can also opt for other options like a vigorous massage to the cellulite prone area. One can ask the masseur to focus on the area like thighs, legs and arms where excessive cellulite is there. Intense massage for about an hour will help one to feel great and one can see the results soon, when done regularly. This massage will help the person to tone the arms and legs; massage performed with right techniques will help one see the results soon. One should only go to renowned or professional parlors like Massage Yonge&st. Clair.

Massages have been in the civilizations for healing and relaxation of human’s body. There are number of techniques which aids to the purpose. However, a person should indulge in different massage techniques in order to tune with the body.

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