Knowing the Different Types of Facials 5/5 (1)

By | February 3, 2019
different types of facials

The Different Types of Facials – Your face can damage because some factors. For example, it will be worse because the intern and external factors. Feeling stress can cause the damage of the skin. Then, the common cause is the environmental factors such as the direct sunlight. You must pay attention about the treatment for your skin so that your face will be in a good condition. In choosing the treatment, you should be careful because there are the different types of facials you should know so that you can choose the suitable one based on what you need.

The Different Types of Facials

Clinical or traditional.

The first facial type is clinical or traditional. Here, there is the consultation at the early before you take the treatment. Some professional therapist will give you the treatment. They will know what type of your skin, so you will get the treatment based on what your skin needs. Remember that every person has the different skin type, so the treatment that can be taken is also a different one each other. The common problems here are the dry skin, the pH (potential hydrogen) balance, the oily skin, the acne, and the others.

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There are the general types of the facials. The first one is deep cleansing and the second is balancing treatments. As the information for you, the deep cleansing will clean your face so that your pores can be opened. Then, the second treatment will solve the problems, both dry and oilskins.

Microdermabrasion and exfoliation

The second type is microdermabrasion and exfoliation. Do you know what the microdermabrasion? If you have not known, this is the skin condition that looks dull or uneven skin. Through this way, the dull and dead cells will be removed. This treatment uses the tool to solve this problem. Then, the size of the pores will be smaller. Commonly, the patient will be given the cream to get the best result.

Anti aging.

The third one is anti-aging. Well, the signs of the anti-aging commonly gotten from many people. If you have gotten this sign, you should choose the right treatment to solve your problem. The facial for anti-aging should be taken. The wrinkles and the sagging are the common signs. Here, the massage treatment is used to solve the anti-aging problem.

Those are some different types of facials. Before you take the facial, you should know what your purpose is. Don’t take the wrong facials to get the best result. The important step before doing the treatment is you should test the product that you will use to know whether there is the allergic or not.