Maintaining the Natural Beauty of Granite Countertops

By | August 21, 2018
Maintaining the Natural Beauty of Granite Countertops

Maintaining the Natural Beauty of Granite Countertops– Granite countertops have grown to be a popular in kitchen areas and lavatories. They are available in a number of textures and colors without any two foundations being identical, which makes them unique. They’re durable, adding value to houses so when correctly maintained, give a duration of beauty.

Granite is really a gemstone produced from molten rock which comes from South America, India and China. The stone can also be based in the southern US States. Southern quarries in Georgia and New York supply probably the most popular granite on the planet. Individuals the south prefer this stone, because it connects their counter tops towards the region.

Proper maintenance and cleaning is paramount to maintaining your counter top lustrous and delightful. Standard cleaning is performed by wiping it lower weekly having a moist cloth along with a stone cleaner. Avoid acidic skin cleansers, which might stain the counter top. Also, avoid soft powder or cream skin cleansers and skin cleansers with ammonia which could dull the top. Here are special cleaning methods for removing different stains.

Deep set muck and grit

Poultice cleaning is really a technique of removing deep set muck. Commercial poultices are available where granite items are offered. This paste may be the consistency of oatmeal. First, the top is moistened having a liquid base, like a 6% solution of peroxide or laundry bleach The paste will be put on the granite surface ” thick. Plastic sheets are positioned within the poultice area and stays for 48 hrs. The poultice will be wet with water that is clean to melt it and removed having a plastic spatula. The region is clean and blotted with water that is clean and also the surface is permitted to dry. If some muck remains embedded, another application might be necessary.

Grease stains

Clean the granite surface with warm water along with a mild cleaning soap to assist release the oil stains, that will disappear in a couple of days.

Acidic stains

Stains from meals for example lemon or fruits, vinegar and wine spills will frequently disappear if caught early and blotted. The top ought to be cleaned with water that is clean and when the stain has occurred, a poultice does apply.

Scratches and dents

With good care, granite counter tops shouldn’t scratch or become dinged up. However, if they should take place it is advisable to consult an expert for repairs or alternative.

Granite ought to be sealed yearly using specifically made sealants to avoid cloudiness and make luster. Even though the stone is extremely durable, care ought to be made to not abuse it or resealing will have to be applied more frequently. Granite counter tops have grown to be extremely popular today with proper maintenance and care, its natural splendor will certainly be the focus associated with a room it decorates.

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