Medical Fascism Dealing With The Establishment’s Destructive Health Regime

By | July 9, 2018
Medical Fascism Dealing With The Establishment's Destructive Health Regime 1

Medical Fascism Dealing With The Establishment’s Destructive Health Regime– For many years I have been a staunch supporter/campaigner for those things natural health based. I have been stating that ultimately “Your wellbeing is with you.Inch Health insurance and durability is dependent on having to pay heed to 4 vital factors. They’re

  1. What food you’re eating,
  2. Your outlook on existence,
  3. Getting enough exercise and
  4. Coping with environment toxicity…

These 4 vital factors that support a healthy body happen to be verified again and again with fight-ship sinking sized evidence to exhibit their effectiveness. However, much more now than ever before, for the sake of you, your loved ones and buddies it’s very essential to look further afield.

-You will find an increasing number of factors associated with politics and also the corporatism agenda that are presently an increasing threat, detrimental to health. Allow me to explain with a few good examples.

Medical fascism rears its ugly mind

Lately there is articles within the mainstream media ‘USA Today’ saying in a lot of words that “Parents who refuse vaccinations for his or her children ought to be jailed…”

This short article performed lower why the mother and father would object: That vaccines happen to be recognized to cause irreversible harm to children’s health and have even wiped out.., no mention to the fact that the pharmaceutical companies happen to be made exempt from prosecution from vaccine damage. Nothing was stated concerning the toxic items in vaccines and also the whistleblowers who’ve confessed for their ineffectiveness with fraudulent and bad science… As well as what’s going to occur to the kids if their parents were jailed.

-Has it arrived at this? That age reason went as well as in brings a brand new age whereby when the government bodies can’t get blind agreement and compliance through propaganda then enforcement gets control, demanding behavior training? As always, the ulterior motives, energy, profit and political gain could be at the office here.

Stopping natural cancer cures

Medical tyranny continues when it comes to controlling of cancer cures.

Take for example the current situation of Adam Koessler in Cairns, Eastern Australia. Like a loving father he required it upon themself to deal with his two year-old daughter dying of cancer with cannabis oil. This different natural treatment continues to be well-recorded to exhibit its usefulness. However, Koessler was arrested due to getting given laser hair removal to his dying daughter on her neuroblastoma a tumor affecting nerve cells.

Due to his arrest for that treatment through bail conditions he could not see his daughter. However, getting bought this news, what then adopted was worldwide public outrage, Facebook campaigning… After medical therapy and also the tumor had reduced Koessler was permitted to determine his daughter.

Regardless of the youngsters condition greatly enhancing along with a 60,000 plus signature partition stating that the costs ought to be dropped from the father while he chose lovingly to get rid of his daughter’s severe illness, law enforcement government bodies still wish to press charges due to giving an unlawful substance for an under 16 year-old. The situation continues…

Like other existence-saving alternative health treatment the truth that cannabis has tumor-diminishing capabilities isn’t the problem. Exactly what the government bodies have against anybody using effective natural treatment such as this is it is not recognized like a medical practice. Some would state that the medical establishment don’t wish to allow recognition for affordable, non-invasive, natural alternative remedies that cure… since their business would then be seriously undercut.

There has been most cases where alternative professionals have was trial for his or her practice since it is not recognised through the establishment despite the fact that they’d saved many lives! Good examples of those brilliant humanitarian professionals include: Stanislaw Burzynski, Max Gerson, Royal Rife and Harry Hoxey… to title however a couple of.

To conclude

How much will medical fascism rear its ugly mind? Maybe there is much more of a previously growing quantity of busts for individuals basically doing the decent factor for the sake of them others? Most importantly, the greatest threat to health is lack of knowledge and apathy. We have to educate ourselves yet others on health matters and recognize the political, financial ulterior motives then go ahead and take necessary action.

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