26 Signs and Symptoms of Midlife Crisis Men

By | May 6, 2020
Midlife Crisis Men

Signs and Symptoms of Midlife Crisis Men – Ages between 35-55 are believed to be the age range in which men will face the heaviest pressures in life. The burden of being a family backbone, job demands, loss of family or older friends, a lot happens, can make things difficult.

However, does it be a medical condition called a middle-aged crisis?

The term of a midlife-crisis was first introduced in 1965 by Elliot Jacques, M.D., Ph.D., a Canadian psychoanalyst to describe challenges during the normal transitioning period of older people in the age range of 40-60 years old.

Middle-aged crisis or midlife crisis can be experienced by men as well as women. In men, symptoms are sometimes more noticeable because they involve extreme changes such as those that are usually more attentive to appear.

Signs and Symptoms of Midlife Crisis Men

Signs and symptoms of a midlife crisis men include the following:

You are 40 years old.

Usually most men will be faced with questions of middle-aged crisis at the age of 40 years until the beginning of 50 years.

Bored with work.

If a man begins to get tired of his work, beware of the coming middle-aged crisis. Although previously known for having diligent and hardworking history, one could change to a lazy person and lose motivation during middle-aged crises and this could ruin his career.

Thinking of cheating.

Psychology experts believe that in middle-aged crisis, men will begin to realize that his youth have passed. Establishing a new relationship with a younger woman is actually only a denial of the fact that he is not young anymore.

Wasteful in spending money

Many men had a hard time ago, buy anything not capable when the item is very desirable. Midlife crisis can stir up more hidden desires in the past, then no wonder at that age many men buy nice cars or expensive items even though it may not be very important.

So more often mirrored

Another form of denial over the youth that has past is by more keeping the appearance. Sudden men so like to spend a lot of time in front of mirrors and collecting fashionable clothes are signs of a midlife crisis.

Se**x life changed

If the spouse is suddenly no longer interested in having se**x, or the passion looks very dimmed, then observe other midlife crisis symptoms. Most men will lose their se**xual passions with their official partners while experiencing age-related concerns or because they have an affair.

They want to change, and they want it fast.

They will buy motorcycles or cars, perhaps putting up a swimming pool in their backyard. They just want to re-feel young again. The things they regret, don’t do in their past, well, they redeem them now. Parachuting may be extreme for you, but for them, this is an opportunity to feel the adventure and thrill.

Other signs.

Signs and symptoms of Midlife Crisis Men
  • Like to remember the past.
  • Depressed. (Lear more: How to quickly relieve stress)
  • You feel anxious or worried about the big part of life..
  • You feel that only have a little time to make changes.
  • You make an unusual choice.
  • Feeling anxious about their work.
  • Feel dissatisfied with the existing life.
  • Irritability. (Learn more: How to reduce emotions quickly)
  • Feel not young anymore, fast tired.
  • Feeling Lonely
  • Experiencing a spiritual crisis, questioning the existence of God over the life he was facing.
  • Fear of being old (suddenly diligently exercising, going to the salon, etc.).
  • Suddenly feel concerned (his mind saddled) with his elderly parents.
  • Easy self-pity.
  • Want to find something new / interesting experience.
  • Loss of identity and confidence.
  • Questioning the important decisions that have been taken so far (work, marriage, etc.)
  • Confused with the future.
  • Looking for a more meaningful life

So it is good for a man who enters middle age to realize the situation he faced and anticipate the steps that need to be taken forward. Unfortunately, many men do not like to talk about what struggles he is facing in his midlife crisis. And this is the main reason why this article was written.

Thank you very much for reading Signs and Symptoms of Midlife Crisis Men, hopefully useful.

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