Nail Beauty Tips for Women at Home

By | October 24, 2016
Nail Beauty Tips for Women at Home

For some women, having beautiful nails is a big matter. Some of them, especially public figure, pay lots of money to have gorgeous design at the nail salon. They also consume some vitamins to make their nails grow healthy and strong. Actually, there are some nail beauty tipsĀ for Women that you can do by yourself for beautifying your nails. No more nail salon, just do at home. So you won’t spend a lot of time and energy at the nail salon. You may just need some bottles of nail polish and a tiny tape for doing the following designs. But first of all, clean up your nails surface before polishing your nails; otherwise, you will get a horrible design. Ready? Here you are the steps to make the nails design at home.

– Marble Nails –

For making marble nails, you need to choose two contrasting colors. Make sure you pick the most different one because the more different they are, the more beautiful marble look you will have. First, apply a coat of the lighter of the two shades to the whole nails. Wait until it dries. After that, apply the second coat which needs to be much thicker than before. When it is still wet, apply a dotter tool with contrasting polish and swirl the colors together. If you want higher contrast, add more drops of the lighter shade, dry it and add a top coat.

Nail Beauty Tips for Women at Home

Nail Beauty Tips for Women at Home (Image: Pixabay)

– Reverse French –

This design is good for those who have longer nails. Make sure your nail is a natural rounded shape. Apply your nails with two coats of a metallic shade and let it dry. Paint a darker shade in a curve shape starting about a quarter inch from the cuticle. After it dries, add the top coat. This nail beauty tip is excellent for your holiday look.

– Negative space with color block –

This design is unique because your nails look having half colors. To make this, apply striping tape first on the three-quarters of the way down. Clean the rest of the nail surface. Then, apply two coats of your nail polish (any color) to the area above the tape. Wait until dry. Next, remove the tape gently using tweezers and apply a top coat. Let it dry. Tips for this nail design is you can use both colorful shades or the classic ones. Also, you can use a contrasting color for the primary shade.

For having DIY nail art at home, you might need some smart tools which ease you doing the art. One of them is ‘Tweexy’ which you can slip on your hand like a ring. The tool has two finger holes which fit all finger sizes. Then, pop the bottle in the hole and start to polish. This tool makes you easy to paint your nails although you are lying on the bed. The silicone material does help to fit your finger and securely open your nail polish bottle. Even better, you can open the bottle with a hand! Genius, isn’t it?
That’s all for now, some nail beauty tips for Women. Hope they help!

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