Symptoms, and 10 Natural Remedies For Lung Cancer

By | October 9, 2019
Natural Remedies For Lung Cancer

Symptoms, and Natural Remedies For Lung Cancer – The lungs have two main functions, which are spreading oxygen into the blood when inhaling and removing carbon dioxide when sighing.

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Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer.

Lung cancer is a disease that is marked by uncontrolled cell growth in the lung tissue. As the name suggests, this cancer attacks the respiratory part, namely the lungs. If the disease is not immediately overcome and treated, then this growth can spread to the outside of the lungs, attacking the tissues in its part, then spreading to other parts of the body. Which is the process is called metastasis.

The level of cancer spread and the sufferer’s health condition also affects the treatment and handling methods.

Cancer removal surgery can be done if the cancer cells have not spread widely to other parts of the body.

If a health condition is not possible to be performed, the other treatment can be applied. The process of destroying cancer cells by means of radiotherapy can be executed.

What are symptoms of lung cancer?

When the initial phase is usually the disease does not cause any symptoms, the symptoms of lung cancer can be known only when the disease is severe. And below are the symptoms of lung cancer that will arise, among others:

  • Hard to swallow.
  • No appetite.
  • Eyes look withered.
  • The breath sounds.
  • Bones and joints are painful.
  • Experience changes in the sound.
  • Swelling occurs in the face and arms.

Natural Remedies For Lung Cancer

Today, you can choose a lung cancer drug using herbs that will help you save spending and avoid the side effects of medical drugs. Although it is called an alternative, but this natural remedies for lung cancer can be as effective as chemical drugs.

Herbal medicine is used to help destroy cancer cells and results some people succeed.

Honey and Ginger

Natural Remedies For Lung Cancer

How to make it by mixing two pieces of large ginger roots that are chopped into small pieces, then mixed with 1/2 kg of organic honey.

Put the mixture in a glass bottle and consume 1 tablespoon, 3-4 times a day.

Soursop leaves

The belief of many people that soursop leaves (Annona muricata L) has the efficacy of paralyzing cancer malignancy, apparent not merely an empty belief.

Through a series of extraction processes, the bioactive chemical components in the soursop leaf sheet are shown to effectively in killing the cancer cells, at least in cervical cancer and nasopharynx cancer.

Soursop leaves that have the best bioactive content are leaves that are not too old and not too young. If the leaves are too old, the bioactive material is no longer functioning.

While the leaves are too young, the bioactive material is less maximum.

Fruits and vegetables Secrets

  • Consume vitamin C, drink mineral, and make vegetable juice.
  • Drink cooked or boiled tomato juice to get the lycopene.
  • Alkaline vegetables, red spinach –  the water is drunk, green apples, lime and grapefruit.
  • Leave white rice, sugary food, wheat flour, milk, red meat, modern white chicken meat and replace it with healthy food.

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The Anthill (Myrmecodia pendans)

The Anthill (Myrmecodia pendans) is a plant traditionally used by indigenous Papuans to treat various diseases in generations.

These plants contain important active compounds such as flavonoids, tannins, polyphenols and are rich in a variety of minerals that are useful as antioxidants and anti-cancers so they are appropriately used as cancer and tumor medications.

– – Dr. M. Ahkam Subroto, Principal Researcher Expert at LIPI

This plant has been proven to empirically cure various diseases and types of cancer as well as tumors so it can be believed to be one of the safer alternative lung cancer treatment.

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6 Other natural remedies:

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