Black Lung: 3 Types, Causes, and Symptoms

Black Lung is a lung disease caused by the long-term inhalation of coal dust. This disease is also known as pneumoconiosis coal workers, can occur in two forms, namely Simple and complicated. The simple type is usually mild, while the type of complicated can be fatal. Coal burning dust will release a number of pollutants such as SO2,… Read More »

Need To Pee Suddenly: 5 Causes, and How To Control It

The need to pee continuously suddenly that is an unbearable bladder known by the name of the overactive bladder  (OAB). What is an overactive bladder? Normally, the urine generated by the kidneys will flow and be stored in the bladder. Once fully filled, the nerve will send a signal to the brain that you should immediately go to… Read More »

10 Human Lungs Function and Parts

The Human Lungs Function and Parts – As one of the vital organs in the body, human lungs serve as the primary respiratory organ. However, in addition to helping us inhale the air, other lung function is not less important to the body. This Organ, also called a role in protecting the heart to prevent infection. Located inside… Read More »