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By | September 19, 2019
medical abbreviation

pc medical abbreviation – The doctor writes a prescription medication to the patients using common latin abbreviation. However, for ordinary people, it looks more difficult to understand because of the language’s other than the others. We received several questions about pc medical abbreviation, what does po mean in medical terms, and so forth.

Well, we will discuss some medical terms that may be used by doctors to write prescriptions or actions.

Some of medical abbreviations, are as follows:

Medical abbreviation


  • ℞ (racipe): Take it.
  • Supp (suppositorium): Supositoria, gentel.
  • No (nomero): Amount, number.
  • S (signa): Sign, mark, mark it.
  • Uc (cognitus intestine): Usage known.
  • Pro: For.

For example:

℞ Miconazole 2% cream tube No. I
S uc
Pro: Mr. C (28 years)


  • Imm (in manus medicine): Hand over to paramedics (doctors, nurses, midwives, midwives).
  • Inf (infusion): Infusion.
    Flab (Flabot): Flabot.

For example:

℞ Natrium Chlorida 0,9% inf flab No. III
Abbocath no. 22 No. I
Cum infus set No. I
S imm
Pro: Mr. B (29 years old)


  • Tab (tabletta, tabella): Tablet.
  • Mg (milligrams): Milligrams.
  • Prn (pro renatera), sns (the necesse sit): If necessary. This abbreviation is used for symptomatic drugs (symptom removers).
  • Dd (de die): Every day, every day.
  • Agro febr (agrediante febre): during a fever.

For example:

℞ Paracetamol tab mg 500 No. X
S prn 1–3 dd tab I aggr febr
Pro: Mr. C (27 years old)

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Pc medical abbreviation

pc medical abbreviation

Pc (post coenam): After eating.

What does po mean in medical terms?

Here is a translation of the meaning of the word po (per os) in the Latin Pharmacy Abbreviation dictionary.

p.o. : per os: by mouth

The po consists of two characters that begin with a P character and end with a character o with 1 vowel.

Other medical abbreviation.


  • a ante, auris = before, ear
  • a, aa. ana = each one
  • ac: antec cibos, ante cibum, ante coenam = before eating
  • ad: auris dekstra = right ear.
  • ad: up
  • ah. alteris horis = one hour interval.
  • aj. ante jentaculum = before breakfast.
  • al. auris leava = left ear.
  • am, a merid ante meridiem = before noon
  • a merid: ante meridiem = before noon.
  • an. ante noktem = before midnight.
  • ap. ante pradium = before midnight
  • abd. abdomen = stomach.
  • abdom abdomen, inis = stomach
  • ablut ablution, ionis = washers.
  • ad aur: ad aurem = to the ear
  • ad 2 vic: ad duas vices = for twice
  • ad hum: ad humectandum = to wet
  • ad infl: ad inflandum = to be blown
  • ad lib: ad libitum = at will
  • ad libit: ad libitum = at will
  • ad man med: ad manus medici = handed over to the doctor
  • ad part dolent: ad partes dolentes = on the parts that are sick
  • ad tacid praec: ad recidivum praeca vendum = to prevent relapse.
  • ad second vic: ad secundam vicem = for the second time
  • ad tert vic: ad tertiam vicem = for the third time
  • ad 3 vic: ad tres vices = for three times
  • ad us ext: ad usum eksternum = for external use
  • ad us int: ad usum internum = for internal use
  • ad us prop: ad usum propium = for personal use
  • add: addle = add
  • add ad: addle, addatur = add, add it
  • admov: admove, admoveantur, admoveatur = use, use it
  • aeq: aequalis, cequablis = same, equally
  • aff: affunde, affundatur = pour it
  • aggr febr: agrediante febri = when the fever comes
  • aggr Febr: agrediante febre = when fever
  • agit: agita, agitetur = shake, stir, and shake it
  • alt: altera (pars) = the rest
  • alt: alternus, a, um = rotates, changes alternately
  • alt dieb: altenis diebus = every two days.
  • alt hor: alternis horis, alterna hora = every two hours
  • altem qq hor: alternis qua qua hora = every two hours skin
  • ampl: amplus = width
  • amplic: application = usage
  • apt aptus = according, suitable
  • aq: aqua = water
  • aq biddest: aqua bidestilata = bidestilata water
  • aq bull: aqua bulients = boiling water
  • aq calid: aqua calida = hot water
  • aq coct: aqua cocta= cooking water
  • aq comm: aqua communis = ordinary water
  • aq dest: aqua destilata = distilled water
  • aq ferl: aqua ferlida = warm water
  • aq gel: aqua gelida = cold water
  • aq steril: aqua sterilisate= sterile water
  • aq pot: aqua potabilis = drinking water
  • aur: auris = ear
  • aur dext: auri dectrae = right ear
  • aur laev: auri laevae = left ear
  • aorist: auristilae= ear drops


  • p.o. : per os: by mouth (see the explanation above)
  • p.p.a. : phiala prius agitata: shake first
  • p.r: pro rectum: through the anus
  • p.r.n. : pro re nata: as needed
  • p.v. : per vaginum: through female genitals
  • per: per: through
  • pills: pilula: pills
  • pulv. : pulvis: powder


  • q: quaque: every
  • q._h: quaque … hora: every … hour
  • q.3h: quaque 3 hora: every 3 hours
  • q.a.d: quaque alternis die: every day is different
  • q.d. / QD: quaque die: every day
  • q.h.s: quaque hora somni: every time you go to bed
  • q.i.d. : quarter in die: 4x a day
  • q.o.d. / QOD: quaque os die: every day is different
  • qq. hh. : quaque hora: every hour
  • q.q.h. : quarter quaque hora: every 4 hours
  • q.s. : quantum sufficiat: use as needed
  • qAM: quaque ante meridiem: every morning
  • ql: quantum libet: as much as desired
  • q.p. : placeat quantum: as much as recommended
  • qPM: quaque post meridiem: every afternoon
  • qv: quantum vis: as much


  • rep. , rept. : repetatur: can be repeated
  • Rx: radix: recipe


  • s: sine: without
  • s.a. : secumum artum: use according to consideration
  • s.i.d: semel in die: once a day
  • s.o.s. : si opus sit : immediately if needed
  • SC, subc, subq, subcut: sub cutem: injected under the skin
  • Sig. / S: signa, signetur: write on the label
  • SL: sub lingualy: under the tongue
  • sol. : solutio: solution
  • ss. : semis: half.
  • stat. : statim: immediately
  • supp. : suppositoria : drugs that are inserted through the anus
  • susp. : suspensio: suspension (solid substance / drug dispersed into liquid)
  • syr. : syrupus: syrup


  • u.a. usus ante: like before
  • u.c. usus cognitus: how to use is known
  • u.e. usus externus: for external medicine
  • u.i. usus internus: for internal medicine
  • u.n. usus notus: how to use is known
  • u.p. usus propius: for personal use
  • u.v. usus veterinarius: use for animals
  • ult.prescr. ultimo prescriptus: last recipe
  • ungt. unguentum: ointment
  • ungt.moll. unguentum molle: soft ointment
  • urgent: urgens: immediately


  • vase. vaselin: vaseline
  • vasc. vasculum: cup
  • vehic. vehiculum: auxiliary substance
  • vesp. vespere: afternoon.
  • vin. vinum wine
  • virid. viridus: green
  • vit.ov. vitellum ovum: egg yolk.
  • volatile. volatilis: evaporates

You have read pc medical abbreviation, the answer of question: what does po mean in medical terms, and other medical abbreviation, hopefully useful.