Plucking white hair side effects

By | September 13, 2018
Plucking white hair side effects

As you get older, the hair usually starts to lose pigment levels, so that the color starts to change into a white, or we call the gray hair. Gray hair usually does not make us confident. No wonder people aged plucked the gray hair. However, do you know if picking off gray hair very harmful to health? Here’s Plucking white hair side effects.

Often picking off gray hair turns out could interfere with the nerves in the lower scalp. If gray hair pulled out by force, it will interfere with the health of the nervous system of the brain. So the signals to form the pigment of the hair being disturbed. In addition, plucking gray hair forcibly can also damage the follicle, the hair roots and head membrane.

Plucking white hair side effects.

Often plucking gray hair will also interfere with the growth of hair. For those of you who crave long and thick hair, then never revoke the white hair. Hair follicles where it is often stripped of gray hair can feel that hair growth in the area is no longer needed.

This will cause the disruption of hair growth and loss. As a result, the hair is getting thinner and the amount of gray hair thus looks more and more. In addition to the age factor, the graying of hair is usually caused due to unhealthy life pattern. As it rarely washes hair, excess stress, as well as wrong diet so that the body is precisely a lack of vitamins. When the body is deficient in vitamins, then the hair will also not get a sufficient vitamin intake, resulting in reduced melanin production.

Solution to stop white hair.

The best solution if you don’t want to appear in public with the white hair is with hair coloring. Surely hair dyes used must be made from ingredients that are healthy, so it does not cause allergies on the scalp and does not damage the hair. But this way You don’t do too often, because the content of chemicals in hair dyes will damage the hair if used in excess because it can inhibit the formation of melanin and the hair.

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