Prevent Multiple Sclerosis By Eating Fish Every Week

By | April 16, 2018
Prevent Multiple Sclerosis

Fish is a good source of protein. Protein content in it is needed by the body to prevent disease, such as multiple sclerosis. However, is it true that many fish can prevent the disease? Find out the answer in the following reviews aboutĀ Prevent Multiple Sclerosis By Eating Fish Every Week.

Prevent Multiple Sclerosis By Eating Fish Every Week

Eat plenty of fish can prevent multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system attack myelin or a layer that protects nerve cells from foreign substances.
This condition often marked by fatigue, muscle weakness, impaired vision, difficulty in maintaining balance and coordination. The cause and how to cure to this point has not been found. However, treatment will be focused to reduce the occurrence of symptoms.

Fish have polyunsaturated fatty acids known as omega 3, which have been shown to be neuroprotective or maintain health and nerve function.
Omega 3 fatty acids also have the ability to prevent the inflammation so is good for heart health. In addition, the nature of its anti-inflammatory is also believed to lower the risk of multiple sclerosis.

Only certain types of fish can reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis disease

Unfortunately not all the fish could have been researched and shown to reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis. Only certain fish that does have content of omega 3. The following types of fish and seafood that has omega 3 content, such as:

  • Mackerel. These fish like tuna, but in a smaller form. In 100 grams of mackerel contain 5,134 omega 3 and provides vitamin B12 and selenium..
  • Salmon. Fish that contain high quality protein including magnesium, potassium, selenium, and vitamin B. In 100 grams of salmon contains 226o mg of omega 3.
  • Shellfish. Seafood contains a lot of zink among all types of food. In 100 grams of raw oysters contain 672 mg omega 3 and copper as well as vitamin B12.
  • Sardines. This fish is often found in the form of canned food. In 100 grams sardines contain 1480 mg omega 3, vitamin B12, selenium, and vitamin d.

    Prevent Multiple Sclerosis

    Prevent Multiple Sclerosis

  • Small anchovies. These fish contain Niacin, selenium, and calcium. In 100 g anchovies contains 2,113 mg omega 3.

However it should be noted that some of the fish above may contain high levels of mercury such as salmon or tuna. Furthermore, follow-up studies are still needed to know the effects and risks posed to people with multiple sclerosis. Omega 3 source can also found in some other foods, not just on the fish or seafood, such as walnuts, flaxseed, soybeans, spinach and others.

Thank you very much for readingĀ Prevent Multiple Sclerosis By Eating Fish Every Week, hopefully useful.

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