15 Products Every Woman Should Have

By | March 20, 2020
Beauty products every woman should have

Products Every Woman Should Have – For Some women, makeup is an unpleasant thing. Although many women are not confident to appear in public spaces without facial makeup, it does not mean that women who are lazy to apply for facial treatment underestimate facial skin care.

Not using facial makeup or make-up is an option. However, caring for your skin is a necessity for every woman. The reason, healthy facial skin can make beauty that has become more visible.

By diligently caring for facial skin, acne, black spots, until wrinkles can be avoided, and skin problems with the increasing age can be delayed presence. Therefore, every woman should understand this, because a healthy facial skin is the biggest investment for every woman.

Meanwhile, women who are diligent in makeup before the activity can not escape the skin care. Unfortunately, many women are unaware, they sometimes only use cosmetic products that can only apply makeup without beneficial to the health of facial skin.

Being an active woman, must have a lot of busyness, especially if you are a career woman type as well. In every activity, you must not miss to use makeup and not infrequently you are required to be good at dressing up.

There are several types of beauty products that are mandatory for women who have a busy schedule. 

Here, 15 Products Every Woman Should Have


To remove dead skin cells on the skin, you need an exfoliator. Use a mild exfoliator once in a week or two, if you want to look beautiful and fresh. After that, use moisturizer so that to keep the skin hydrated.


The next Products Every Woman Should Have is moisturizer.

Moisturizer is one of the most basic types of beauty products and must-have. Moisturizer serves to give the face elasticity and moisture so that the application of other makeup will be easy. Choose the type of moisturizer that suits your skin type and do not care to buy it.

Facial Foam

Although you do not like makeup, still a facial foam is a cosmetic that you must have.

Because the skin of the face will look more beautiful if we always keep the cleanliness by routinely wash it every two times a day.


The next Products Every Woman Should Have is toner.

If you’ve washed your face with facial wash, then proceed with the toner to make your face really clean and not dull. For those of you who have acne are required to use a toner that has vitamin C content because it is very potent to clean the pores in the face and can reduce inflammation. Do not use toners with excessive content of perfume and alco**hol.


Not only the skin of the face, you also have to pay attention to your skin beauty every day.

Dry skin is sure to make you unconfident, so you should use lotions before and after you do the activity.

It serves to keep skin moist and awake at all times.

Lip Balm

The lips are also one of the most important parts of women to care for.

Even if you don’t like makeup, you can take care and make your lips look more beautiful by regularly regenerating lip balm every day.

Lip balm should be used before you use lipstick, especially for you fans of matte lipstick, so that the skin of lips remains soft and not cracked.

Lipstick or Lip Gloss

Lipstick with a thick color will give the impression of a long lasting color. How to apply lip stain with bright shades First, then apply a cream or glossy lipstick with a color that matches the color of the previous lip stain. This coating technique will help the color of lipstick last for hours without worrying dry.

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Black eyeliner

Products Every Woman Should Have - Eyeliner

The use of black eyeliner will create an illusion of thicker eyelashes. Tips for eyeliner not to look messy or rough is to go through the upper lash line with black eye pencil and then make the line no more than 1 to 2 millimeters.


This product should also not be missed, that is sunscreen. If you want to do activities outdoors, use this sunscreen first. Because it can prevent the appearance of black spots on the face due to UV rays. You can use an SPF 30 sunscreen or an SPF 50 sunscreen for skin care. 

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If you want to cover a part of the face that is reddish, acne scars or the bottom of the eyes are black.


The powder is one of the essential products that complement your makeup. If you want a powder that can control the oil and can last all day,


Eyes become one of the important parts of your makeup look. In choosing your eyeshadow color, you can adjust it to your mood and purpose. For everyday, you can use a brown or nu**de eyeshadow with shimmer while you can use a more bold color for nighttime.

Eyebrow Makeup

The phrase “eyebrow is a face frame” is true. Any kind of makeup will feel awkward without any makeup on the eyebrows, like painting without Pigura. The eyebrows function to emphasize the look and facial expression, which gives the character to a person. Eyebrow makeup is not a pencil-shaped. Many types of eyebrow makeup suit your needs.

For those who want a precise and firm brow shape, choose a pencil type. For those who want a more natural look, you can choose an eyebrow powder or a textured balm like ointment.

For those of you who do not have the time, skill, or patience in the makeup, can use a special mascara for the eyebrows that are easy and practical to use. Even if you’re hesitant to spend a fee buying eyebrow makeup, you can get around using dark brown eyeshadow. The key, choose a color according to your hair color.

Eye Cream

This cosmetic is used to give the impression of a healthy eye and do not experience problems such as wrinkles, circles that are too black, and keep the eyes to appear more beautiful and fresh.

Makeup Remover

There are several types of makeup remover with its variety of usefulness. You must have Makeup remover. For removing makeup is essential for the skin to breathe every night. Makeup is often the cause of the skin pores, acne and other facial skin problems.

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