Seven Christmas wedding essentials

By | January 27, 2019
Christmas wedding essentials

Planning a wedding in any season demands a great deal of work and commitment. In the winters, however, the pressure for a perfect wedding is a lot more than usual. With the festivities of Christmas and New Year, one feels the pressure to make their wedding stand out. You wouldn’t want your wedding to fall behind in the backdrop of these magical moments now, would you? Here is a list of things you need to make your Christmas wedding a success.

Dress Choice

A dress with sleeves is a must for the bride as she must not only be dressed for the event but also for the season. While doing so, you should keep in mind that this extends towards the bridesmaid and the groom. If the bride has a full sleeve dress on and the bridesmaids are standing there in a backless and strapless dress trust me it will not be a good look to portray. Faux fur wraps, capes, and even coats can be worn in fashionable ways. The bride can pull of cloaks with shimmer and a great fall to stand out and still keep herself warm.

While the bride and the bridesmaids prepare to face the seasonal weather the groom should also look towards layers instead of normal materials for his suit. Tweeds and Tartans can be used by the groom.

Winter delicacies

Hot canapés and mugs of hot cider are a great way to give your guests a warm welcome. As winter weddings normally choose a barn or a church as venues, the guests will surely appreciate these treats. Another option that you can opt for is soup. You can serve three or four kinds of soups and garnish your drinks with cherries to get the whole Christmas look going.

Christmas wedding is a time when everyone eats heartily and is merry. In the main course, you should go for hog roasts or beef Bourguignon. Stick to this menu, and your wedding is going to be the talk of the season.

Seasonal style

Winter is time to sparkle. You should try to incorporate the glimmers and shimmers of gold and the navy color scheme in your wedding decorations. A winter wedding is a glittery affair and therefore should be festive.

Your venue plays a vital role in the whole wedding and should be decorated in a way that it brings everything together. If your venue is a barn, then you can go for a rustic magical wedding and if it is in a country house silver details can give it a whole other dimension.


The flower selection of a winter wedding is crucial to the whole look of the event. You can decorate the bushes and the bare branches with fairy light and create a remarkable effect. Fonds of fir, eucalyptus, cabbage white flowers, and maroon, red and violet roses are the choices that will bring your fairytale vision to life.

Winter backdrop

Your backdrop should also be a part of your theme you should go for an all-natural wintery theme rather than an artificial backdrop decorated by experts. You can give it your touch by going entirely natural, and tie together fronds of fir and make a make backdrop that will be the exact right amount of winter and Christmas.


No matter when and where you have your wedding invitations are one of the most important part if not the most important. Your invitations should represent the aura that you aim for on your wedding, which definitely does not mean that there should be no difference between Christmas card and a wedding card but rather the complete opposite. Your wedding invitations should be festive and give a wintery vibe for that you can go for rose gold, white, pink base colors with a golden or silver embossed message


Favors are an important part of any wedding this winter. Unlike the summers you can get rather creative with the favors. Cookies, freshly baked garlic bread, foamy soaps, bath bombs with your wedding colors, miniature bride and groom mugs. You have much more variety during winter

Weather forecast

In the winters you should have everything that can come in handy about the weather.  Winters are pretty unreliable in many areas all over the world. If it doesn’t snow and you don’t get a white wedding despite the forecast, always keep white confetti as an option. Apart from that, you should always have blankets and pashminas for the guests. You never know when the temperature might drop more than usual and you being the hosts have to take care of the situation. It’s better to be prepared rather than panic later.

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