Shiseido Group Beauty Consultants

By | March 10, 2016
Shiseido Group Beauty Consultants

Shiseido beauty consultants is originally established in Japan. They bring solutions and advice for women to become more beautiful through the beauty cosmetics and tools so that they have eternal beauty. The beauty consultants here is trained in some special programs and seminars to have some various skills, from the basics like the manner to customers, to the technical and consulting skills in professional expertise. They have the spirit of “Omotenashi” which means hospitality for customer satisfaction. They believe that through the gentle approach to the customers’ skin and heart, they will help the customers to their beauty.

Shiseido Group Beauty Consultants

Images: Shiseido at New Zealand retailer Farmers in 2013/wikipedia

In 1934, Miss Shiseido was born. At the time, women were not active in society, but the young woman Miss Shiseido began to bring the modernity by wearing Western clothing instead of kimonos and bringing the understandable skits named “Modern Beauty Theatre”. Through the skit, everybody was served by great consultation on how to pick the beauty products for their skin type and was prescribed with a certain prescription for their beauty. This the really beginning steps of Shiseido Beauty Consultants. Unfortunately, wartime came in and made this beauty center took a break. It started to shine again in 1948 with a renewed focus on the healthy lifestyle for women. Within this year, the spirit of “Omotenashi” rose.

In 2014, Shiseido beauty consultants celebrated its 80th anniversary. It proves that Shiseido group is able to maintain its existence of being trusted beauty consultants. At the time, the beauty consultants have the same mission to apply to their mindset and actions, that is “The Beauty Consultant’s Promise”. The promise leads them to make commitment to be more than just walk hand in hand with the customers. They also should help the customers to be more beautiful so that they feel happy. These beauty consultants promise to make endless effort to make it happen. In the promise, it is stated that they will use their senses to fulfill the customers’ need and desires for their future beauty. Bringing the heritage of Shiseido’s philosophy, excellence and artistry, they strive to keep themselves beautiful to reflect the Shiseido’s beauty philosophy. They devote their hearts, knowledge and beauty techniques to lead the customers understand Shiseido thus building trustful relationships and joy. If the customers are connected to Shiseido, they will connect to its brand, too. The point of the promise is the beauty consultants of Shiseido there to enrich the customers’ hearts and lives at this moment, at this life, beautifully.

Shiseido group releases some products with certain brands such as prestige, fragrance, cosmetics, personal care, professional and healthcare.

  • “Prestige” high-end brands only available at department stores as the main channels.
  • “Fragrance” brands are provided at department stores and perfumeries mainly.
  • “Cosmetics” are offered at mass merchandising stores and pharmacies.
  • “Personal care” brands such as the body care, hair care and other low-end products.
  • “Professional” is made for professional users like special series of haircare products for hair salons.
  • “Healthcare” brands are for OTC, covering health and beauty foods, etc.

Are you interested? Find Shiseido beauty consultants in your country. They spread out in 88 countries in Asia (including Japan and China), Europe and America.

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