Shortness Of Breath And Cough: 3 Symptoms + VIDEO

By | November 6, 2019
Shortness Of Breath And Cough

Shortness Of Breath And Cough is already a thing that is familiar among the people. This condition can be caused by viruses, such as the common cold or infections of other diseases such as bronchitis. Although this disease is rare, the cough with shortness of breath can also be caused by foreign object that are inhaled into the throat.

Shortness Of Breath And Cough is usually experienced by children with immune that is still very weak, although it is not uncommon for older people and elderly will experience this condition, but with a very different cause. It is usually preceded by a cough at night that lasts for a few hours and is immediately accompanied by a sound of shortness of breath.

Shortness Of Breath And Cough are symptoms of pneumonia

Shortness Of Breath And Cough becomes a characteristic symptom of pneumonia. Initially cough and cold, but not cured. Should have been cured a week, this has not even healed then shortness of breath. It should be suspicious of pneumonia. So a cold and cough that develops into tightness.

In severe conditions, pneumonia can cause a heavier shortness of breath, making the basin in the chest area until the decline in consciousness. Pneumonia when it is heavy, shortness of breath into weight can be attracted inward even the decline of consciousness. If so, need a longer treatment.

Shortness Of Breath And Cough are symptoms of popcorn lung

Do you cough accompanied by shortness of breath? This condition may have symptoms of Popcorn lung. What is a Popcorn lung?

Medically the cough is also called bronchiolitis obliterans. This condition damages the small airway of the lungs, causing the sufferer to feel shortness of breath and cough is getting worse. This type of cough is also sometimes caused by inhaling the chemical substances used to spice up the popcorn when cooked in the microwave.

But other factors can also cause this cough to occur when inhaling the acetaldehyde chemical substances contained in electrical ciga**rettes and mari**juana. These chemicals can damage the mouth, throat, and stomach lining.

Besides other chemicals that can cause popcorn lung are sulfur dioxide, formadehyde, metal oxide smoke, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sulfur mustard, ammonia and nitrogen oxide. Diseases such as pneumonia or bronchitis and rheumatoid arthritis can also be caused.

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Shortness Of Breath And Cough are symptoms of IPF (Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis)

Shortness Of Breath And Cough symptoms are often considered trivial by most people. Although these two symptoms can be early signs of lung damage due to IPF (Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) disease or known as pulmonary Fibrosis.

IPF is a fatal disease, the cause is scarring in the lungs that are progressive (developing) causing difficulty in breathing, even in some cases can block the organs of the liver, muscles, and other vital organs that require supply of oxygen.

Some of the alleged factors that are the causes of this IPF are smo**king lifestyle, polluted environment, viral infection, and genetic factors.

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Shortness of breath and cough in children

Shortness of breath and cough can be caused by various things, including infections / pneumonia (such as bronchopneumonia, bronchiolitis), allergies or other conditions. Diagnosis is enforced based on the clinical assessment / Direct physical examination and condition of the child.

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If the tightness suffered is suspected caused by infection (especially bacterial infections) then the administration of antibiotics should be done, through the antibiotics (oral) or injection, depending on the condition of heavy conditions in general conditions.

However, if it is due to allergies, it is necessary to think about the possibilities of its allergenic treatment such as exposure to ciga**rette smoke, milk proteins, dust, etc., and the treatment is to avoid triggering the attack.

Other conditions can also cause the complaint, especially if the complaint lasts for a long time or repeatedly accompanied by a bluish color around the mouth or fingers / toes, the congenital heart abnormalities. 

It is recommended that the child be further checked to confirm the cause of the complaint.

Shortness Of Breath And Cough Video

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