13 Signs you’re not drinking enough water

By | April 21, 2020
Signs you're not drinking enough water

Signs you’re not drinking enough water – We all know the obvious signs of dehydration such as the yellow urine, thirst, and dry mouth. However, what about the signs that is not so obvious like the one above? Experts say that both of these are equally important to realize and understood.

What happens to your body if you don’t drink enough water?

The consequences of dehydration can cause fatigue, seizures, and even death in cases of the most extreme. To find out, try to see and realize the following strange signs of dehydration or signs you’re not drinking enough water:

Signs you’re not drinking enough water

Bad breath

Saliva has antibacterial properties. If suddenly you have bad breath are less savory, try to drink more water regularly.

Dry, sticky, and very thirsty mouth

When you do not drink enough water, the mouth will feel very dry, and sticky. Do not swallow anything, except water, because the food or the other drink will only make you smell of breath.

Feel confused

Confused or out of focus can be a sign of a few things. However, if you have not enough drinking water recently, it could be a sign of dehydration.

Suddenly feeling hungry

Your liver needs water to function properly. When it does not get it, the heart will give a signal to the brain that you need fuel. But instead of feeling thirsty, brains tend to think you are hungry, so that makes you feel like eating.

Get supple skin

Without enough moisture, the skin will lost some of its elasticity.

Dry skin that cannot be repaired with moisturizers

Normal when the skin changes with the existing weather changes. When your skin feels dry, you’re trying to apply a lot of moisturizers, but none of them really works, right?

Dry and dull skin can be one of the signs that your body is being dehydrated. Drink enough water.

You stop sweating

This usually happens because the volume of the fluid is very low, so that the body is trying to hold on to the remaining liquid in the body, as a result, the sweat that came out was a little.


This is the most painful thing, your head feels will explode every minute. According to research, headaches can also be one of the signs of a body that is dehydrated or drinking less water.

You easily feel tired

Signs you're not drinking enough water

Drinking less water causes a large amount of body fluid loss. Consequently, lack of fluid can lower the volume of blood that provides excess pressure on the heart to transmit nutrients and oxygen to the organs, including muscles. In effect, we will feel tired because the body tries to function without enough water.

When these signs happen to you, immediately increase the body’s water intake. Moreover, if you feel tired, the energy seemed to be depleted and less excited even though it has slept enough at night. Do not get off guard and less sensitive to your own body.

Dry eyes

Without enough water in the body, tear ducts will dry out and can potentially damage the eyes.

Experiencing joint pain

The cartilage and spine consist of 80% water, so water becomes an absolute necessity to ensure that the bones will not friction when activities, such as running, jumping or falling.

Decreased muscle strength

The human muscles also as large consist of water. Drinking water before, during and after workouts is essential to reduce inflammation and pain from exercising.

Become susceptible to illness

Drinking water encourages the body to remove toxins from the body. Body organs work like a machine to filter the toxins. However, if it does not fill the machine with water, the body cannot function properly and can cause health problems.

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You’ve read Signs you’re not drinking enough water. I hope that’ll useful.

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