Substitute for MSG in cooking that more safe

By | January 10, 2018
Substitute for MSG in cooking

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a kind of flavor. it is the sodium salt of glutamic acid which is found by Kikunae Ikeda, a Professor of chemistry, the University of Tokyo in 1908. He is considered the most stable salt that is able to give a sense of umami or savory food. Currently, the existence of such a flavor  enhancer is labeled not good when consumed excessively.. So many are beginning to switch to more natural flavorings, Substitute for MSG in cooking that more safe.

Substitute for MSG in cooking that more safe

  • Sugar

Do you know if the sugar can make food more palatable? Add sugar to your cooking, a mixture of salt and sugar will give you the right flavor. But don’t add excessive sugar in order to not sweetness cuisine.

  • Dried shrimp / anchovy
Substitute for MSG in cooking

Substitute for MSG in cooking

The savory taste of these small dried shrimp is also fitted to be added to the dish.

  • Garlic

The use of garlic and other spices were already well-known from the first can add taste delicious on your dishes. So please feel free to add it. Garlic contains anti-cancer that quite a lot. In addition it also very tasty. In addition to adding fresh garlic while cooking, you can also add garlic powder. How to make it easy, just fry the garlic until crisp, drain and then puree until powder Nowadays much garlic powder is sold as well so that the easier to use.

  • Broth

The broth is a replacement for MSG is most fitting. Made from boiled beef, chicken, fish and others. To make it more tasty add vegetables and spices.

  • Nutritional yeast

Nutritional yeast like MSG, or more commonly known as “cheese” vegans. All the food if using nutritional yeast is so savory. So although not using salt or sugar, food can be tasty. In addition, nutritional yeast high in protein and rich in vitamin B-12.

Thank you very much for reading Substitute for MSG in cooking that more safe, hopefully useful.

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