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Lung Conditions of COVID-19 Patient

Lung conditions of the patient infected with Coronavirus are apparently not like people with pneumonia or common cold. Many people who are suspected of exposure to Corona Covid-19 have mild symptoms. Some patients experience severe respiratory disease and may need to be treated in intensive care.

5 Lung Tissues In Human and Its Functions

A tissue is a set of cells that have the same shape and function. The tissues in the lungs are epithelium tissue, which is the tissue lining the surface of the organ. The lungs need to be protected because it is one important organ. The lungs are part of the human excretory system and the respiratory system in humans. Here are The Lung Tissues In Human and Its Functions

Pneumonia in Lungs: 10 Symptoms, Causes, and Diagnosis

Pneumonia in lungs or also known as wet lung is an infection that causes inflammation of the air sacs in one or both of the lungs. In pneumonia, a small set of air sacs at the end of the respiratory tract in the lungs (alveoli) will be inflamed and filled with liquids or pus. Here are The Symptoms, Causes, and Diagnosis of Pneumonia