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By | October 13, 2017
Hot stone massage

It’s an old saying that hot massage is considered as a way of relaxing after a stressful or tense time. There are many techniques that a specialist can use on your body to make you feel relax. There are several movements used by therapists such as strokes, circular motion, tapping, and kneading. I will definitely convince you by the end of this article, whether massage is important or not.

Just don’t be scared listening to Hot Stone Massage:

Well, there is no new style of performing this massage. Here in this massage, the hot stones are kept on the specific parts of the body. Stones are usually flat and smooth and are made of volcanic rock called Basalt. This stone is chosen because they retain heat. These stones contain calcium, magnesium, and iron, which usually offers healing benefits. Parts, where stones are placed, are:

  • The back
  • The stomach
  • The face
  • The hands
  • The feet

Some of the therapists hold the stone and use them to massage with. This helps the specialist go deep in the muscles without pressure. Hot, Hot, Hot stones can burn your skin. So an experienced therapist knows how to cool down the temperature of the stone to appropriate before applying.

Hot Stone should not be used on the face, but you can use the cold one for relaxation. It is essential to communicate during the massage and you can tell directly if any stone is burning you.

Come on, scroll down for benefits:

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage

  1. Pain relief: Hot stone massage has particularly been related to symptom relief in individuals with an assortment of conditions, for example, fibromyalgia and other immune system issues.
    Several studies say that fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis have connected direct massage techniques with reducing pain and improving range of motion.
  1. Stress Buster: Massage is considered as the best method of stress relief. Research and studies say that massage reduces stress and anxiety and improves cardiovascular health.
  1. Increased joint flexibility: Muscle pressure can make it troublesome and more agonizing to move the joints. Massage helps in relaxing muscles, which makes it convenient for someone to move.
    People who suffer from joint disorders can be benefited from hot stone massage.
  1. Reduce muscle spasms and tension: Muscles that are tense or are in cramp can cause lots of pain and hamper your daily life. Diminishing the irritation and strain in the skeletal muscles facilitates both muscle fits and pain.
    As mentioned above, with Massage and hot stone, one can have unwinding of the muscles and joints in the body to cure torment and spasm.
  1. Better Sleep: It’s a common problem that many people don’t sleep well. This can be happened due to stress, insomnia, and busy schedule, so they get less than recommended 7-8 hours of sleep in nights.
    Massage is said to be helpful in providing relaxation and sleep in older people.

Fellas..! Do go through the risky side:

Sorry friends, this therapy is not appropriate for everyone. There are people you should stay far from massage, that too from a hot stone one. Here are some problems listed below:

  1. Breaks in the skin: So, if anyone having injuries or breaks in the skin should avoid hot stone massage until they don’t get healed completely.
    Recent or serious wounding, cuts or scratches, sunburn or varicose veins increase the hazard for additionally tissue harm or damage. They additionally raise the chance of infection being presented by means of microbes from the massage oils or stones.
  1. Infection and illness: To be very clear, someone suffering from fever, cold, or flu should not think of taking massage until they get fine.
    To be precise, anyone having a fever will spread germs and will be facing problem controlling their body temperature as well.
  1. Heart Disease: This can lead swelling and other problems in veins and arteries of the legs, they both can be affected negatively due to massage. Anyone should abruptly tell the specialist any medical problems he/she has, with the goal that they can know about potential dangers.
  1. Drugs or alcohol: Try not to go for a massage if you are high on drugs or alcohol. Both weaken the capacity to give input if essential and furthermore influence judgment, and a man’s discretion over their driving forces.
    Moreover, massage gives you a feeling of light-headed or wobbly, so drugs and alcohol can worsen those feelings.
  1. Pregnancy: Only prenatal massage should be taken during pregnancy, whereas, many therapists feel awkward using stones on a pregnant woman.

Closing lines:

So, I agree that hot stone massage is safe and best for relaxation. Before going, do a complete research to go to a respected spa, where you can find a trained therapist. Clients should keep talking to a therapist, as they could let them know if the pressure is too hard or soft, or if the stone is burning the skin.

Do ask your doctor before taking the massage. Hey looking to have a massage? It is said that the best place to find, you can find the best Hot Stone Massage Toronto. Make sure you get open with a massage therapist.

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