The benefits of tea for heart

By | October 27, 2018
The benefits of tea for heart

Some people do not feel have spent a couple of cups of tea every day. However, it turns out that tea may be very important to be able to live longer and healthier. Based on new research of tea advisor or the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP), there are many benefits of tea. More than 40 research conducted in several countries about the various benefits of drinking tea.

The benefits of tea for heart

Good for the heart.

First, the tea can bring wonders for your heart. Recommended, four to five cups of green or black tea per day. Thus, the tea will improve cardiovascular function, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. That’s not a bad community tips. The reason, cardiovascular disease can kill 150 thousand people per year. That is, 26 percent of all deaths due to cardiovascular disease.

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Reduce the levels of LDL Cholesterol.

Both black and green tea significantly reduces levels of LDL cholesterol associated with cardiovascular risk. One study, for 12 weeks to conclude, three cups of black tea lowers levels of harmful triglycerides of 35.8 percent. The ratio of LDL cholesterol which is not healthy against the protective HDL cholesterol increased by 16.6 percent.

Meanwhile, green tea seems to have the power of the most potent cholesterol-lowering. Green tea provides a significant reduction in both the LDL and total cholesterol levels.

Increase Cognitive Function.

The benefits of tea for heart - Increase Cognitive Function

Several other studies showed the usual tea drinkers, experienced an increase in cognitive function and reduce the real decline in old age.

One study from the Netherlands in 2011 to find black tea drinkers, significantly improving accuracy in tests of attention. In addition, precautions were reported higher compared with those who were given the placebo drink. “To be the second most consumed beverage in the world after the mineral water, tea is the relevant contributors to our everyday cognitive function,” said the researchers.

Maintaining Mouth Health.

Other benefits of tea are maintaining a healthier mouth. This is because the tea act as a natural source of fluoride that is perfect for keeping the teeth remain solid and breathe fresh. Dr. Chris Etheridge, one of the authors of the reviews from TAP saying, it is not just the result of a single report.


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