The new twists in the weddings! The traditions you can definitely skip in 2017!

By | July 7, 2017
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It is 2017! No one wants to look like a boring traditional couple and I can bet that even the traditional couples definitely at least one tradition in their wedding. Sometimes, interesting twists and turns are indeed. Forget about the old school rules that turn your wedding to be a regular wedding.Have a look on the following twists in the traditional weddings that will not only upgrade them but also adds your own style to the wedding.

  1. Forget about a long, white gown!

Today, a bride can wear whatever she wants. Even if she wants to wear a short floral dress or a retro short dress or slinky sheath or a black pant, in 2017 everything is in. There are number of couples that play with their wedding dresses and put their own ideas in them. It is not necessary to wear plain white gown, you can add colors to it.

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  1. Skip the long white vein

Those days are gone when a bride had to wear a long white vein! If you do not want to, don’t wear it. Try something cute, different and unique. You can wear a chi headband, a pretty floral crown or a nice hairdo with a few silver hair clips. And if you want to keep it simple, then you can just leave you hair untie with curls.

  1. Twist in the traditional ceremonies

Nowadays, it is all about new and upgraded classic ceremonies traditions. To add a trendy factor, you can use some new material like fresh spin or floral decors or yarn pom-poms, anything colorful instead of using white candles. You can prepare the most delicious wedding menu in which your chefs can mixed up spices and if it is summer wedding, plenty of options are out there! Mix up your favorite cocktails! The summery detox water or basil infused with water. For kids, offer their own table full of ice-creams, chocolates, candies, cheese cakes, themed cup cakes and any more interesting things matched with your wedding theme. A bottle of wine and some love letter can only make your wedding more romantic.

  1. Bridesman and Groomswoman

For decades, it is been an old traditional the bride needs to have bridesmaids. But does it really matters if you have bridesman? Yes, bridesman! If you have your only best friend to be a guy, then of course, he also deserves the position to stand next to you. And it is 2017; a bride can have a bridesman. And a groom can also have groomswoman. Colorful dresses of bridesman or groomswoman can be customized by using colorful neckties.

  1. First look photo-shoot

In 2017, couples are absolutely not superstitious! They do not believe in the traditions like they can’t see each other before walking down the aisle. They go for first look photo-shoot that does not affect anything. Couples are more interested in saving the post- wedding time so that can do other things like enjoying their cocktails and delicious food after the wedding ceremony. This will also help in reducing your nervousness and anxiety before walking down the aisle.

  1. Your bridesmaids’ look

According to an old tradition, your bridesmaids have to wear exact same dresses. But these days, you can change the style of their dresses. Keep the color same and change the style, length and type of the dress. You can mix up with fashionable or funky handmade, pears or diamond jewelry. They can wear whatever they are comfortable with.

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  1. You and your fiancé’s wedding’s bands do not need to be the same

Those days are gone when the bride and groom had to match their wedding rings. Nowadays, brides wear her favorite diamond or any other gemstone. And groom wants to wear what he likes the most. So, it’s all about the time. Today, the time has changed. Many couples prefer to shop in the best engagement ring stores and shop for the rings that can fit into any other occasion. It is totally fine if your fiancé pick a white gold ring and you like a yellow gold ring. The best way is to engrave your wedding date or initials or romantic lyric on the wedding or engagement rings.

  1. Wedding in an religious venue

Oh no, my dear! These days wedding are taking place on beaches, football stadiums, on a cruise. Have not you watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S seasons? Phoebe married on a street! Go Girl! Wedding is all about togetherness and exchange vows in front of your love ones. Does the location matter? In 2017, I think no!

Have a wedding of your choice! Add your own style and taste! Make it special! Make it memorable!

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